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Music blues and rock and roll musician and guitar player Elvin Bishop picture(s)/pic(s), wallpaper and photo gallery.
Born: October 21, 1942 Glendale, California, USA.

Elvin Bishop biography (bio):
Elvin Bishop is an American blues and rock and roll musician and guitar player.
Bishop grew up on an Iowa farm. His family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he was ten. There, he attended Will Rogers High School. He moved to Chicago in 1960 after he won a National Merit Scholarship to the University of Chicago, where he studied Physics. He met Paul Butterfield in 1963 in the neighborhood of Hyde Park and joined his band, with whom he remained for another nine years. Their third album, The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw, takes its name from Bishop's nickname. In 1968 he went solo and formed the Elvin Bishop Group, also standing in for Mike Bloomfield on The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper.
Bishop would spend the next thirty five years as a hard-working performing act, releasing several albums. His most memorable song was Fooled Around and Fell In Love from 1976 sung by Mickey Thomas who later joined Jefferson Starship. Bishop feels that the limitations of his voice have helped his songwriting.
In 1988 Bishop signed with Alligator Records and released Big Fun featuring Whit Lehnberg & The Carptones and began a whirlwind tour of the world supporting it and 1991's Don't Let The Bossman Get You Down. Bishop known for energetic live shows had one of the hottest bands of his career, featuring sax player Reynaldo "Daddy Ray" Arvizu.
Bishop was also a part of the legendary At Fillmore East concerts of the Allman Brothers Band. Bishop provided vocals for the song "Drunken Hearted Boy
Bishop's daughter Selina was murdered in August 2000. According to the Point Reyes Light newspaper, "Bishop, her mother Jenny Villarin, and a friend of Villarin, James Gamble, were murdered as part of an elaborate scheme to extort $100,000 from elderly Concord, California residents Ivan and Annette Stineman."
In 2005, Bishop released his first new CD in five years, Gettin' My Groove Back.
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Elvin Bishop : p02974aa8e5
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