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Birth name: Lawrence Muggerud.
Also known as: Muggs.
Born: January 28, 1968 in Queens, New York, USA.

DJ Muggs biography (bio):
DJ Muggs was first a member of the group 7A3, a group he did not produce, but only DJ for. 7A3 managed to release an album and several singles before being dropped by their record label and disbanding.
Cypress Hill, the group then formed by DJ Muggs with B-Real and Sen Dog, became one of the most popular and influential hip hop groups of the 20th century. DJ Muggs also works as a producer and DJ for other artists such as House of Pain (song "Jump Around" and many others on the group's debut album), Tricky (album "Juxtapose"), Funkdoobiest (song "Bow Wow Wow" and many others), Ice Cube, KRS-One, Eminem, Everlast and MC Eiht.
In 2003, he released his solo album Dust, which somehow departed from the usual hiphop formula, has a trip-hop/rock sound and features artists such as Greg Dulli, Amy Trujillo and Everlast on vocals.
DJ Muggs and Cypress Hill are part of an even bigger collective of musicians, graphic and other artists, the Soul Assassins, who have so far released 2 compilations albums.
Today, DJ Muggs has his own Sirius satellite radio show on Shade 45 dubbed "Mash-Up Radio", a show where he and other DJs play their rock/rock blends. In 2005, he has founded the record label Angeles Records together with Self Scientific. One of the first releases on the label was DJ Muggs' collaboration album with GZA/The Genius of Wu-Tang Clan called The Grandmasters. In 2007, a remix version of the album was released. A new collaborative album, this time featuring Sick Jacken (and Cynic) of Psycho Realm/Sick Symphonies, is currently in the works and to be released in mid to late 2007.
DJ Muggs' beats have been known for their dusty-sounding, eerie and soul-driven melodies. Most of Cypress Hill's production was minimalistic with hard-hitting drums and bass, looped throughout the song; the recent GZA album Grandmasters featured that production. In the later 90s/early 00s, Cypress Hill began incorporating rock more into their beats, coming away with a rap/rock sound akin to that of Rick Rubin. This gleaned spotty reactions from many fans, though just about as many praise the change.
Muggs : DJ-Muggs-an03
Muggs : DJ-Muggs-an03
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Muggs : DJ-Muggs-an01
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