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Birth name: Dylan Mills.
Born: November 2, 1985 London, England, UK.

Dizzee Rascal biography (bio):
Dylan Mills is known professionally as Dizzee Rascal, is a Mercury Prize-winning English MC/rapper and producer. His (largely self-composed) music is a blend of garage MCing, conventional rap, grime and ragga, with extremely eclectic samples and more exotic styles.

Dizzee grew up in the East End of London in South Bow in a council estate. As a teenager, he was detained for stealing cars and robbing a pizza deliveryman, and expelled from four high schools. A sympathetic music teacher introduced him to music production on a school computer. He began MCing on pirate radio and at raves at fifteen, but since his mainstream success he has distanced himself from the fledgling scene. He used to be a member of the Roll Deep crew, until a conflict with former friend Wiley.

His music is an eclectic mixture of garage and hip-hop beats with an extremely broad palette of influences, ranging from metal guitars to found sounds, drill and bass synth lines, eclectic samples and even Japanese court music. His vocal performance is also distinctive, he uses a fast style of rapping which blends elements from garage MCing, conventional rap, grime and ragga.

In 2004, Dizzee Rascal made an international endorsement deal with urban brand Eckō and designed his own shoe with Nike in 2005.

Dizzee worked with cross genre artist Beck on a remix of the song Hell Yes.

Dizzee has also provided guest vocals on an Arctic Monkeys track, the B-Side to their single Brianstorm named 'Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend'. Dizzee's version of the same song is featured as "Temptation" on his album Maths + English.

His acting debut came in a cameo appearance in London-based black gangster film Rollin' With The Nines (2006) where he played a drug dealer.

Dirtee Stank:
Dizzee Rascal has created his own record label, called Dirtee Stank (He is not signed to it, however). Dizzee Rascal's explanation of the name: "The name came from one of the first lyrics I had: "going on dirty/going on stank...So I thought yeah fuck it, Dirtee Stank."" Dizzee has stated "I had Dirtee Stank before I had my record deal". The first white label release of 'I Luv U' was made on Dirtee Stank, released when he was 16. Although both of his albums and their subsequent singles have been released under XL Recordings. It was not until 2005 that Dizzee Rascal revived the label and made his first signings, Klass A, and Newham Generals. Dizzee has stated the ethos of the company is "The label is about bridging the gap between indies, majors and the street. Stank is the way forwards". The label's logo is a picture of flies circling faeces, when asked why this logo was chosen Dizzee stated that it was: "gulliest thing I could think of".
The label was formed and is owned by Dizzee Rascal, and is co-run by Dizzee's manager, Cage. According to Cage, Dirtee Stank exists to promote gifted artists with "social problems" that might scare off other labels. "People who, through the conditions they live in, might not be stable." The label should also help artists overcome hurdles such as access to studios that "take something from a raw demo to something people will get excited about on the street".

The Newham Generals' mixtape "Welcome to Newham" and their debut album Generally Speaking were supposed to have been release in 2006 on Dirtee Stank.

As of September 12th 2006 a notice on Dizzee's official site reports on the availability of Newham Generals' mixtape Best of Newham Generals Vol. 1 both in stores and online. The mixtape apparently features "20 classic shower NG tracks and 20 mins enhanced CD feat videos, interviews, live footage and da Raskit".
Dizzee Rascal : dizzie
Dizzee Rascal : dizzie
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