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Dethklok is a virtual death metal band that stars in the television show Metalocalypse. Their debut album, released September 25, 2007, was entitled The Dethalbum. Creator Brendon Small wrote the lyrics and music and also performed the guitar, bass, and vocals; former Death/Dark Angel/Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad drummer Gene Hoglan performed drums on the album. The album debuted at #21 on the Billboard Top 200 list, making it the highest charting death metal album ever. The band's less common typeset, Dethklok, includes heavy metal umlaut. The band is sometimes cited as an example of "comedy rock" on par with bands such as GWAR or Spinal Tap, though the overtly comedic aspects of the band are usually reserved for show episodes, while the music itself is relatively straightforward extreme metal.

Dethklok are extremely popular and considered "The world's greatest cultural force." The band's actual rise to fame has yet to be explored. There has been little back-story on about how they met or when the band formed. It is known the band had at least one album out since before the first episode, entitled simply, Dethklok. Another pre-Curse of Dethklok album featured the visage of one of Dethklok's ill-fated chefs shortly after he was decapitated in a freak pyrotechnics accident . In the series the numeric value of the band's wealth is never actually stated, but the fact that they are referred to as the twelfth largest economy in the world, just above Belgium (which is indeed thirteenth in terms of GDP per capita), indicates that they must make somewhere on the order of several hundred billion dollars a year. Their influence is so great that the United Nations even allows them to act as their own police force, used to sadistically punish those foolish enough to pirate their songs.

The band members all reside together in a gigantic and lavish mansion called Mordhaus, in a fictional, unspecified region known as Mordland (although Dethklok's official Myspace page lists their residence as "Mordhaus, United States"). Their traveling arrangements are equally lavish; usually making use of their immense tour bus (complete with a jacuzzi and upstairs fireplace), the "Murdercycle" (a motorcycle with four sidecars), but most predominantly the hatredcopter (a gargantuan, multi-leveled helicopter that is well over 130ft tall and 350ft long). The Hatredcopter is so large, in fact, that it is capable of transporting Dethklok's entire stage rig, including their roadies, the band, and even the entire fully assembled stage itself to even the most remote locations on the planet.

All the members of Dethklok act somewhat sociopathic; if they are not directly responsible for the violence and mayhem that surrounds them, they are at least indifferent to it. The band mates do appear to care about one another in the show, but have difficulty expressing their feelings, even when intoxicated. Although they vary in their levels of drug and alcohol consumption, they are all fond of drinking to excess. Dethklok readily admits that they despise their fans, whom Nathan refers to as "regular jack-offs."

Another ongoing feature of the series is that the band members are incompetent at everything not related to sex, drugs, heavy metal, and negotiating their contracts, and at various points, they are ignorant of obvious things, like shopping for groceries and cooking, in episode one, "Curse of Dethklok"; or the most basic aspects of feeding children, as in episode ten, "Fatklok". Often, one member of the band will be unaware of a bit of common knowledge while another is not, prompting arguments or explanations. As a group, they also come up with ideas that are clearly quite asinine, harmful or even fatal, yet do not recognize this fact. One example is in their "time travel face bag" which is simply a plastic bag worn over the head that allows a person to travel through time at the speed of regular time: in essence, just a plastic bag. Musically, only Nathan, Skwisgaar, and Pickles are actually adept. Both Toki and Murderface have repeatedly been considered for termination, and are frequently called on the fact that neither of them seem to do anything, except for show up, though in one episode Murderface is shown to be adept at playing bass guitar with his penis.

Together, the show portrays that the band seems to have control of otherworldly or supernatural powers through their music. The Tribunal has loosely predicted that they were an unstoppable prophecy that would cause doom. When anyone wants to help them, those who annoy Dethklok are almost always killed or mutilated (although ones who don't annoy them don't suffer anything, like "Mashed Potato" Johnson.) When playing music, they have displayed the ability to summon everything from sea creatures (with the help of a leaking nuclear reactor on their sub), to tornadoes, to the giant Finnish lake troll Mustakrakish.
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