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August 13, 2008: "Denise Richards Says She Will Not Appear On "Dancing With The Stars""

One reality show for Denise Richards should be enough, and according to the "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" star it will be. Richards is denying rumors that she will star on the reality show "Dancing With The Stars."

Richards, the ex-wife of "Two and a Half Men's" Charlie Sheen, told Access Hollywood she will not appear on the dancing reality show. "No I am not doing the show ('Dancing...'). I love the show. That is my popcorn night with my girls. I love to watch the dancing. The girls love to watch the dresses."

Her own show, "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" is said to be set for a second series.

Former NFL star Dan Marino and ex-NSYNC singer Lance Bass are among those rumored to be possible contestants for the show. Marino's rep has already said, however, that the star football player will not appear on the dancing show.

The official line-up will be revealed August 25.


July 22, 2008: "Denise And Charlie's World Turns To Court Again"

Denise Richards went to court again to get changes in a custody agreement with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, who did not appear.

Richards and her attorney brought a video to the Los Angeles Superior Court as evidence in their case, but the court did not want to see it.

Richards apparently did not get everything she wanted, although her attorney wouldn't give details over what changes were desired.

However, two experts testified and the court commissioner ordered changes characterized by Sheen's attorney as "nothing meaningful."

Richards attorney said the changes were beneficial for the couple's daughters, four-year-old Sam and three-year-old Lola.


July 3, 2008: "Denise Richards Opens up to"

Denise Richards took time out to speak with about everything from her most embarrassing mom moment to mud-slinging with her ex, Charlie Sheen, in public

Momlogic: What are your thoughts about getting even with your ex in public?
Denise Richards: I kept my mouth shut for 3 years until I started my TV show. I had no desire to speak badly about him in public, but in my situation, it got the point where I had to defend myself. He would release statements while Im walking on live TV, and I had no choice. Its gotten to the point that its affecting my livelihood. I wasnt saying things to trash him. I was defending myself from what he was saying. For him to tell people to boycott my show, is really awful. He doesnt realize it affects our kids. For him to release an email that wasnt true when I was trying to promote my show, I thought was very low. I was defending what he was doing. I didnt go out of my way to blast him. I never campaigned to boycott his show. I didnt go out of my way to bring him down. You can only take so much. I had to stick up for myself.

ML: Whats the one thing about divorce that most surprised you?
DR: How ugly it got. How it just cant be amicable. I had never anticipated it getting this embarrassing and humiliating. Ill never go through another one.

ML: Does that mean youll never get married again?
DR: I will get married again, but Ill never go through another divorce. I never expected it to be like this.

ML: How do you handle dating with your daughters?
DR: Its very hard. I dont introduce them to anyone unless its very serious. They are too young, and I dont think its healthy for them.

ML: Whats your most embarrassing mom moment?
DR: Going through all of this is embarrassingTaking my girls to pre-school and then going to Mommy and Me knowing people hear things and read things about me. Going through a public, ugly divorce is embarrassing.

ML: Do you think youre a good mom?
DR: I do. Im very different than what my ex-husband has put out there. Ultimately the girls suffer for that. Im with my girls almost 24 hours a day.

ML: Do you think Charlie is a good dad?
DR: Im not with him when hes with the girls, so I cannot comment.

ML: If you could go back in time is there anything/any decisions you would have done differently?
DR: Obviously I dont regret marrying him, because I wouldnt have my two beautiful daughters. No. I have no regrets. As crazy as it all was, Ive learned a lot. I regret how things where handled, but there are many times I say, If only

ML: Are there any other rumors that have been written about you that youd like to clear up?
DR: That I wanted my ex-husbands sperm. Thats absurd. And it was absurd that he had to do what he did while I was on live television. Im trying to promote a reality show. Let me promote my show. Instead, he had to make it about our divorce.

Find out all the rest right here:


June 26, 2008: "Denise Richards' Children In Therapy"

Denise Richards' daughters are in therapy.

Denise Richards has revealed her children are seeking professional help to cope with their feelings about their parents' bitter split.

Denise told In Touch Weekly magazine: "My kids are in therapy. It's very sad that they need to be there, but they do for now. On the other hand, it's good they have an outlet to deal with their feelings and someone who is just their advocate."

"If I can help anyone feel better about their kids being in therapy - then something else good has come of this, too."

Charlie and Denise have been involved in a war of words since they separated in 2006.

'Two and a Half Men' actor Charlie recently apologized for leaving abusive voicemail messages for Denise, dating back to 2005.

In the first message, received on April 19, 2005 at 12.46pm, Charlie said: "You don't answer the phone and you don't have the f***ing courage or the wherewithal to confront me or deal with me or just be f***ing honest."

In the second message, from 1pm the same day, Charlie said: "You continue to be deceitful and mischievous and sneaky, and you're a f***ing liar. You're a piece of s**t f***ing liar and I hope you f***ing rot in hell. You're a coward and a liar and a f***ing n****r alright, so f**k you."


June 17, 2008: "Denise Richards Plans Return To Playboy"

Former Bond girl Denise Richards will be on screens this week in the reality show Denise Richards: It's Complicated, but everyones talking about a recent OK! interview where she said shed consider doing a second Playboy magazine shoot. Her first Playboy photos appeared in the December 2004 issue.

"It's still a possibility. It's so iconic and fun. I think that my niche is as a sex symbol. I'm never going to be the girl next door, so why not play up my niche?"


June 11, 2008: "Denise Richards Rules Out Becoming A Lesbian"

Denise Richards would never consider becoming a lesbian because she loves men too much.

Denise Richards famously starred in a lesbian sex scene in 'Wild Things', but says she doesn't want to go down that road in real life.

She said: "No, I'd never do that - I love men!"


May 23, 2008: "Denise Richards Gets $52,000 A Month From Charlie Sheen"

Denise Richards receives an incredible $52,000 a month child support from ex-husband Charlie Sheen according to an inside source. Denise Richards has recently been seen on television claiming she made her reality show, "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" to help cover the expenses incurred by having two young daughters...

When asked for his opinion, Sheen reportedly said he was used to paying exorbitant amounts of money to bang "actresses".


May 14, 2008: "Denise Richards Loves Passionate Men"

Denise Richards has spoken out about former lovers Charlie Sheen, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and 'ER' actor John Stamos.

Denise Richards said: "I admit I have a weakness for guys that have dark hair and are passionate in bed, what is wrong with that?

"John Stamos didn't want to be with a woman who had children so that's like out the door. We had a good time though!"


April 24, 2008: "Denise Richards Shoots Reality Show"

Denise Richards was spotted working on her new Reality Show yesterday, she was enjoying the Maui beach while filming a segment of her new show, set to debut on the E! network later this year.

Denise Richards wore a sexy sporty pink bikini with a pair of blue terrycloth shorts as she tried to learn to paddle surf.

Denise Richards told press, Im in a no-win situation. If I dont have my children in my show, then people will say Well, shes really not a hands-on mom. If I do have my children, people are saying that Im exploiting them. And I think theres plenty of reality shows with families, where you dont watch them - at least I never did - and think they really exploited their kids.

Denise Richards continued, I made a commitment to do this show, and I want it to be as real as possible - and thats what it is. Everyone has a perception of me, and Im hoping that people will get to see my life and I think I relate to a lot of people.


April 2, 2008: "Denise Richards Never Talks About Weight Around Children"

Denise Richards refuses to discuss weight issues in front of her children, because she fears they will pick up on her body image worries.

The 37-year-old, who has daughters Sam, 4, and Lola, 2, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, is determined to make sure both girls grow up without worrying about their weight.

Richards is convinced she can set a good example for them by never complaining about "feeling fat" and introducing them to her healthy exercise regime at an early age.

She says, "I'll never talk about weight around them. And they'll never hear me say, 'Mommy's feeling fat today.' That kind of attitude just makes young girls grow up to be dissatisfied with their bodies.

"Working out is part of my life, not just an I-have-to-get-ready-for-a-photo-shoot thing. I exercise almost every day. The girls usually play in the workout room with me, so they're learning by example."


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Birth name: Denise Lee Richards.
Born: February 17, 1971 Downers Grove, Illinois, USA.
Nickname: Fluffy Girl.
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m).
-Charlie Sheen (15 June 2002 - 30 November 2006) (divorced) they have two children.

Denise Richards biography (bio):
Richards was born in Downers Grove, Illinois to Joni, a coffee shop owner, and Irv Richards, a telephone engineer, and she has one sister, named Michelle. She graduated from El Camino High School in 1989, Oceanside, California, where she was a cheerleader.

Before she was an actress, Richards was a fashion model. Richards spent the majority of the 1990s appearing in lower-budget films and tv shows like Saved by the Bell, television movies, and guest starring in episodes of several television shows. Her first starring role in a wide theatrical release was Starship Troopers in 1997, which was followed by her role in the moderately successful cult film Wild Things in 1998. Richards was subsequently cast as Dr. Christmas Jones in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999), which had a high box office gross and contributed to Richards' renown. In addition to her film work, Richards has made regular appearances in the situation comedies Spin City, Two and a Half Men, Friends and Seinfeld. She also starred in the short-lived UPN series Sex, Love & Secrets in 2005. Throughout the early 2000s, Richards appeared in several film roles which both parodied and utilized her image as a sex symbol, including Valentine, Undercover Brother and Scary Movie 3. In December 2004, she posed in a nude pictorial for Playboy magazine. Richards also posed naked for the July 2006 issue of Jane magazine to raise money for the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation. In 1999 she ranked 9 in Maxim's 50 Sexiest Women and in 2001 she was voted 2nd in FHM's USA 100 Sexiest Women, 5th in FHM 100 Sexiest Women and 19 in 50 Most Beautiful Women.

Personal life:
Richards once dated actor Patrick Muldoon. In 2002, she married actor Charlie Sheen, with whom she appeared in Scary Movie 3, in which she played his character's dying wife. The couple have two daughters: Sam J, who was born on March 9, 2004, and Lola Rose, who was born on June 1, 2005. Richards was named the Sexiest Mom of 2005 by In Touch Weekly magazine.
In March 2005, Richards filed for divorce from Sheen. The couple briefly reconciled and were seeking marriage counseling to mend their relationship. However, on January 4, 2006, Richards' representative announced that she was continuing with the divorce, and she later sought a restraining order against Sheen, citing his use of death threats against her. She has also been linked to actor John Stamos, whom she dated during her teenage years.

Divorce from Charlie Sheen:
On April 19, 2006, Richards filed for divorce from Sheen under the laws of the state of California.[4] In her 17-page court filing (not counting additional supporting evidentiary documents), Richards alleged that Sheen's behavior was increasingly erratic, making their marriage impossible, and that she feared for her safety and the safety of their two daughters: Sam J. and Lola Rose.
Richards claimed that Sheen was physically and verbally abusive and threatened to kill her or have her killed, and that despite having accidentally shot his previous fiance, Kelly Preston, he wanted to place firearms under their coffee table to protect them. Richards claimed that Sheen had become paranoid and obsessive, citing his belief in 9/11 conspiracy theories, a belief that baby formula caused brain damage, a desire to purchase gas masks, and an "abnormal fascination" with Nicole Simpson's death.
Further, Richards alleged that Sheen visited prostitutes and was addicted to gambling, prescription drugs (which he bought over the Internet), and pornography. Richards also alleged that Sheen posted a picture of his erect penis on his online profile of a "sex-search type" website and that he frequently viewed pornography featuring "very young girls," and websites "involving gay pornography also involving very young men who also did not look like adults".[5] Based on these allegations, Richards sought and received a restraining order against Sheen.[6]
Sheen denied the allegations. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he described Richards' actions as a "smear campaign" and insisted that he was a responsible father who would "give his life for his children." He added that Richards is "the only one entirely culpable for putting these radical allegations out for public consumption... my children included."

Laptop paparazzi incident:
On November 8, 2006, officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were called to the River Rock Casino in Richmond, B.C., where Richards was making a movie. After seeing some photographers taking her picture from a nearby balcony, she apparently confronted them, grabbed one of their laptop computers and threw it over the balcony. The laptops landed near two elderly women, one 91 years old and one 89 years old and in a wheelchair. The 89-year-old woman suffered minor injuries (mild bruising) and was treated by emergency personnel and the 91 year old woman nearly had a heart attack, yet declined to press charges against Richards.

Notable roles:
-Carmen Ibanez in Starship Troopers (1997).
-Kelly Lanier Van Ryan in Wild Things (1998).
-Dr. Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough (1999).
-White She Devil in Undercover Brother (2002).
Richie Sambora : denise richards
Richie Sambora : denise richards
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Denise Richards : denise richards96 4819efb8476e6
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Denise Richards : denise richards103 4819efb854a09
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Denise Richards : denise richards97 4819efb849242
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Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 4
Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 4
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Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 2
Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 2
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Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 1
Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 1
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Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 3
Denise Richards picture on June 13th 2010 as she attends The 21st annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation A Time For Heroes event 3
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