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Birth name: Stanislaus Alexander Liauw Delon Thamrin.
Born: May 20 1978 in Jakarta.

Delon Thamrin biography (bio):
Delon is a Chinese Indonesian singer and runner-up in the hit reality series Indonesian Idol. Delon, the youngest of three boys, grew up in a neighborhood of Mangga Besar.

Prior to Indonesian Idol, Delon never had formal music training[citation needed]. His first encounter with music was when he joined a choir in his parish, the St. Petrus and Paulus Church. Delon's classical tenor voice made him one of leading soloists of this choir.

He got his degree in English from the Saint Mary Academy of Foreign Language[citation needed]. After his father died in 2001, he was compelled to work to help finance his family. During this period, he became a door-to-door salesman selling spring-bed and plastic ware. Later on his singing ability opened the door for him to be a wedding singer and an MC. At the time he entered the Indonesian Idol contest, Delon was a non-managerial employee in a Japanese import-export company. He had to quit the job.

On 9 September 2004, Delon became a runner-up of the first Indonesian Idol contest after his rival, Joy Destiny Tobing.

Delon's first debut after Indonesian Idol took place when he opened the act for Blue Concert in Jakarta in October 2004, followed by the Air Supply concert in December 2004. His first album, called Bahagiaku (My Joyfulness), sold more than 300,000 copies in just under three months. Recently, Delon was voted as MTV's "Most Favourite Male" 2005. Delon just finished recording a song ("Kokoro No Tomo") with Mayumi Itsuwa in Japan and has appeared in several advertisements and releasing his first movie, Vina Says Love.

Delon has recently performed internationally for charity in Perth, Vancouver, and Seattle.
Delon Thamrin : delon-bahagiaku
Delon Thamrin : delon-bahagiaku
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