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Daughtry is an American post-grunge band from North Carolina, formed by former American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry in 2006. Their self-titled debut album was released on November 21, 2006. The disc reached #1 for two non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200, outsold Idol winner Taylor Hicks' debut effort, and just sold over two million albums. Their album is also the fastest-selling debut rock album in Soundscan history.
Former American Idol season 5 fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry stated that he would form a new band after turning down Fuel's offer to make him their lead singer. On July 10, 2006 it was announced that Chris had signed with 19 Entertainment and RCA Records, which holds contracts with fellow American Idol finalists Kelly Clarkson, Bo Bice, and Katharine McPhee.
Chris is a singer-songwriter himself and has collaborated with several other songwriters, such as Live's Ed Kowalczyk, Fuel's Carl Bell, Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, SR-71 singer Mitch Allan, Brent Smith of Shinedown and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Hit writers Dr. Luke and Max Martin also lent their expertise to the album.
Daughtry himself didn't have much of a hand in who was in his new band. Chris's label chose band mates for Daughtry: Jeremy Brady, 21, a guitarist and at this point no longer in the band; Josh Steely, 36, as lead guitarist; Josh Paul, 29, as bassist who also played for Suicidal Tendencies; Joey Barnes, 30, as drummer. Interestingly, two of the band members hail from North Carolina - Joey, whom Chris had known for some time, and Jeremy, who was introduced to him a month before the audition. Steely and Paul are both from California.
The first single from the album, "It's Not Over," debuted on the radio on December 6, 2006, after being delayed from a planned September release. The self-titled debut album, which was produced by Howard Benson, was released by 19 Entertainment and RCA Records on November 21, 2006. The song was an instant success, shooting up the Billboard Hot 100 reaching #4 and hitting the top 3 in several other charts.
The second single from the album, "Home" is currently at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100, after debuting at #83 weeks ahead of its official release to radio. The song is also the official "kick off" song on the current season of American Idol, in which it is played after a contestant is voted off the show.
Another track from the album, " What I Want", was released to Rock Radio on April 23, 2007. The song features Slash on lead guitars. It is currently in the top 25 on Rock Radio.
Jeremy Brady's departure from Daughtry was announced on January 26, 2007.
Their song "There and Back Again" is the official theme song for WWE Backlash 2007.
Daughtry will be supporting Nickelback on a tour starting Summer 2007.

-Chris Daughtry.
-Josh Steeley.
-Josh "JP" Paul.
-Joey Barnes.
-Brian Craddock.
Daughtry - It s not over single cover
Daughtry - It s not over single cover
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Daughtry - Home single cover
Daughtry - Home single cover
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Daughtry - Daughtry album cover
Daughtry - Daughtry album cover
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