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August 14, 2008 :"Bale Out: Christian Won't Face Charges"

Just in: Christian Bale will not face abuse charges after his family feud landed him in police custody. UK authorities say he should not face charges, citing "insufficient evidence."

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman tells "The Insider": "We can today confirm that we have advised the Metropolitan Police Service that the actor Christian Bale should not face any charges following an incident which occurred in relation to his mother and sister at the Dorchester hotel on 21 July this year."

Bale's spokesperson Jennifer Allen says the 'Dark Knight' actor is "relieved" the issue has been resolved and now hopes "to put the matter firmly behind him." "Mr. Bale considers this to be a deeply personal matter and would ask that the media respect both his and his family's privacy," Allen said.

Concerning the decision, the spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Whilst the CPS treats all incidents which take place in a domestic context seriously, it is important that the views of complainants are also taken into account when making decisions in such cases.

"Taking all the factors into consideration, the decision has been taken that there is insufficient evidence to afford a realistic prospect of conviction, and accordingly the police have been advised that no further action should be taken against Mr. Bale."


August 14, 2008: "Christian Bale Could Escape Assault Charges If He Pleads Guilty To Attacking Mom And Sister"

Christian Bale could escape assault charges with a caution.

"The Dark Knight" actor was arrested last month after allegedly "pushing and shoving" his mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 41.

But the star may avoid going to court after Crown Prosecution Service lawyers advised police to let him off with a caution if he pleads guilty to the attack. If Bale claims he is innocent, he could still be charged over the incident.

The 34-year-old star's outburst came after his mother and sister apparently asked him for $200,000 to help Sharon raise her children.

Bale was said to have "flipped out" over the request and was accused of attacking the pair.

He turned himself over to police for questioning two days later after the women made a complaint against him.


July 28, 2008: ""Terminator Salvation" Director McG Defends Christian Bale"

The filmmaker insists the actor is a "big-hearted, good guy" who is always professional on set.

Speaking at the Comic-Con convention in California, McG showed his support for Bale, saying: "Just for the record, he's a big-hearted, good guy - and I've worked with a lot of people - that's just simply who he is."

"He's the most professional, passionate actor you're ever going to find. I mean it's just that simple."

McG also revealed Bale is dedicated to his wife Sibi and their three-year-old daughter Emmeline.

He added to People magazine: "Bale is just all about the work. He loves his wife, he loves his child, he loves being an actor. He's not interested in materialist things. He wants to come to work prepared."

Bale is currently working with McG on the fourth Terminator film, in which he stars as John Connor.

In the film, Connor leads a human rebellion against a group of robots who have taken over the earth.

Bale stars in "Terminator Salvation" alongside Anton Yelchin, Sam Worthington and Bryce Dallas Howard.


July 25, 2008: "Christian Bale Asks For Privacy Following His Family Fiasco"

Christian Bale has asked for his privacy to be respected following assault allegations against him.

'The Dark Knight' actor wants to focus on promoting new movie 'The Dark Knight', rather than discuss his personal life.

He said: "It's a deeply personal matter. I would ask that people respect my privacy in the matter."

Christian was questioned for four hours by London police on Tuesday, before being released on bail without charge.

The 34-year-old actor insists the allegations are false.

It has been claimed he flew into a rage after Jenny, 61, and 41-year-old Sharon asked him for $200,000 to help raise Sharon's three daughters.

Jenny is also believed to have aggravated the star after making insulting comments about wife Sandra 'Sibi' Blazic.

Christian must return to Britain in September to answer bail.


July 24, 2008: " Christian Bale's sister asked him for $200K"

More details are coming out regarding Christian Bales arrest in London on Monday night. Christian Bale's sister reportedly asked him for 100,000 (roughly $200,000) to help support her children. The actor apparently turned her down. She decided to make some remarks about his wife causing a confrontation that, according to The Sun, did include "pushing and shoving".

Legal sources told The Sun the women said sister Sharon needed 100,000 to help her bring up her three children. They said Bale, 34, snubbed the plea and a row flared in his suite at the Dorchester Hotel in Londons West End. Welsh-born Bale was alleged to have pushed and shoved mum Jenny, 61, and Sharon, 41.

Christians mother and sister refused to comment on the charges, saying it was a sensitive situation.

Meanwhile, the mom-sis duo has been approached by several publications to sell the story.


July 24, 2008: "More Details Emerge In Christian Bale Arrest"

"The Dark Knight" actor Christian Bale allegedly "pushed and shoved" his mother after being asked for $200,000 to help raise his sister's three daughters.

A legal source close to the case told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Christian is a very wealthy young man and was asked to help his sister out financially."

"He was asked to loan her $200,000 but he refused and that caused an almighty row."

"During that row, the women claim he assaulted them by pushing and shoving them. Both Jenny and Sharon are terribly upset over what happened."

"They did not want any publicity. But they say he bullied them. They are both devastated that it has come to this but want him to be taught a lesson."

Jenny is also believed to have aggravated the star after making insulting comments about wife Sandra 'Sibi' Blazic.

The women reported the Welsh-born actor to police on Monday, the day of the European premiere of "The Dark Knight." Christian voluntarily handed himself into officers on Tuesday and was questioned for four hours, arrested and then released on bail.

The star must return to Britain in September to answer bail.


July 22, 2008: "Update: "The Dark Knight's" Christian Bale Arrested In London"

In the midst of "The Dark Knight" breaking movie records, Batman's Christian Bale was arrested in London Tuesday. The arrest is a result of assault allegations reportedly made by his own mother and sister.

Bale, 34, allegedly lashed out at his mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, on Sunday at London's Dorchester hotel. The actor was staying at the hotel before Monday's London premiere of "The Dark Knight." According to Britain's The Sun newspaper, Bale's mother and sister went to a police station in Hampshire Monday, which turned the case over to London officers. "A 34-year-old man attended a central London police station this morning, by appointment, and was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault," a police spokesman told "He is currently in custody." It is a policy in England to arrest a suspect before questioning him in connection to a possible crime. Bale has not been formally charged, therefore the police did not release his name.


July 10, 2008: "Christian Bale Keeps His Batman Mask From Film Set"

Christian Bale has kept his Batman mask.

The actor was desperate to keep the entire Batsuit, but only has room for the famous headgear.

He said: "I kept the mask. I would love to keep the whole costume but I don't have room for the whole thing!"

Christian recently revealed he nearly turned down the role of the superhero because he felt the suit was too "claustrophobic."

He said: "I was standing on the back lot where they were creating the suit, and I had a few minutes to myself, staring up close in the mirror, just thinking, 'This isn't going to work. I'm claustrophobic, I can't breathe, I'm getting a headache already, and this is all going to go very badly.'"

"I just said to myself, 'Breathe deeply for a few minutes. Try this out. Don't run around yelling and making an a** of yourself trying to pull the whole thing off. I just had flashes of saying, 'Well, I wasn't able to play that character, because I panicked every time I got in the suit.'"


June 26, 2008: "Christian Bale Misses Kindred Spirit Heath Ledger"

Christian Bale has opened up about his The Dark Knight co-star Heath Ledger who died after the film wrapped. I want to talk about Heath, Bale tells the upcoming issue of Parade magazine. When you miss somebody, you want to speak about him.

He was a unique character, a very infectious character. He was a good man, and I was glad to have spent time with him. He was somebody who Id been seeing on a daily basis for months, Bale says in Parade. It takes a long time to accept that someones gone, when all body and mind are telling you that this is somebody you will know for a great deal of time. He was something of a kindred spirit to myself.

On Why has Bale chosen to openly discuss such a painful loss?

Much of it has to do with my respect for his daughter, whom he loved so dearly and whom he would talk about so often. For me, that is of incredible importance.


Actor Christian Bale picture(s) (pic) and photo gallery.
Birth name: Christian Charles Philip Bale.
Born: January 30, 1974 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.
Nickname: Chris.
Height: 6' 0" (1.84 m).
-Sibi Blazic (29 January 2000 - present) they have one child.
Children: Emmaline Bale (b.2005).
Parents: David Bale (1941-2003), Jenny James.

Christian Bale biography (bio):
Christian Charles Philip Bale (also known professionally as Christian Morgan Bale) is a Welsh-born English method actor who is known for his roles in the films American Psycho, Shaft, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Batman Begins and The Prestige, among others. Bale is also known for his versatility as an actor, including mimicking nearly any English-language-based accent, harsh regimens of shedding and gaining weight (particularly for The Machinist, Batman Begins and, most recently, Rescue Dawn), and generally inhabiting the characters he plays. Before he found success in playing Batman, he was heavily involved in independent films.
Bale first caught the public eye when he was cast in the starring role of Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun at the age of 13, playing a British boy who becomes separated from his parents and subsequently finds himself in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. Since then, he has portrayed a wide range of characters. Bale is especially noted for his cult following. The tenth anniversary issue of Entertainment Weekly hailed him as one of the "Top 8 Most Powerful Cult Figures of the Past Decade," citing his impressive cult status on the Internet. In a 2007 poll of IMDb users, he was voted their favorite actor who is under 40. Entertainment Weekly also called Bale one of the "Most Creative People in Entertainment," after his performance in American Psycho.

Early life:
Christian Bale was born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He is the youngest of four children. His parents are entrepreneur David Bale and circus performer Jenny James, both English. Bale spent his childhood in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Portugal, and the United States. He lived in a house boat for a small amount of time. In 1976, when Christian was two years old, the Bale family left Wales. Bale's family settled for four years in Bournemouth, where he attended Bournemouth School and participated actively in rugby. Christian has described his childhood, with respect to his mother being in the circus, as interesting. He recalled his first kiss was with an acrobat named Barta. As a child, he trained in ballet and on guitar. His sister Louise's work in theatre also influenced his decision to become an actor. David Bale was very supportive of Christians acting. He resigned from his job as a commercial pilot to travel and manage Christian's burgeoning career.
Bales first foray into acting was a Lenor, or Downey, commercial in 1982, when he was eight years old. He appeared in a Pac-Man cereal commercial playing a child rock star a year later. In 1984, he made his stage debut in the West End play The Nerd, opposite Rowan Atkinson.

Early Work:
He made his film debut as Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia in the made-for-television film Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna in 1986, which was followed by leading roles in the miniseries Heart of the Country and the fantasy adventure Mio in the Land of Faraway, in which he appeared for the first time with Christopher Lee. In 1987, Amy Irving, his co-star in Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna, recommended Bale to her then-husband, Steven Spielberg, for a role in Empire of the Sun, adapted from the J.G. Ballard semi-autobiography. Bale's performance as Jim Graham earned him widespread critical praise and the first ever "Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor" award from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures; the Board created the award especially for him. The attention the press and his schoolmates lavished upon him after this took a toll on Bale, and he contemplated giving up acting until Kenneth Branagh approached him and persuaded him to appear in Henry V in 1989. In 1990 he played the role of Jim Hawkins in 'Treasure Island', based on Robert Louis Stevenson's book 'Treasure Island', in which Charles Heston played the role of Long John Silver. In 1992, Bale starred as Jack Kelly in the Disney musical Newsies, and followed it up in 1993 with another Disney release, Swing Kids, a movie about teenagers who secretly listened to forbidden jazz during the rise of Nazi Germany. In 1994 Bale was handpicked by Winona Ryder to star in Gillian Armstrong's version of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. In 1995. Bale provided the voice for Thomas, a young compatriot of Captain John Smith, in Disney's Pocahontas. In 1997, Bale played the lead in Todd Haynes' tribute to glam rock, Velvet Goldmine. In 1999, Bale contributed to an all-star cast, including Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, Stanley Tucci, and Rupert Everett (among others) in an updated version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

In 1999, Bale prepared to undertake what would arguably be his most acclaimed role, as serial killer Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Director Mary Harron, who had previously helmed the Valerie Solaras biopic I Shot Andy Warhol, was given the reins to the adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis controversial novel, but dropped out of the project when she learned Leonardo DiCaprio was set to star instead of Bale, her first choice. Harron cited budget concerns, believing DiCaprio to be too expensive for the production. Oliver Stone replaced Harron as director, but when DiCaprio abandoned the project for The Beach, Stone left as well, and a pregnant Harron was contracted once more, this time with her wish for Bale to star granted. Bale had never read the novel before being contacted about the film, but took on the role because he was surprised and engaged by the script, which he described as the opposite of anything Id ever done before. Harrons decision to cast Bale lay in that she thought he resembled a male Lili Taylor in the sense that there was a lot below the surface, and that he had a sense of mystery and depth in his face.
The film diverged from the novel in some instances, but was generally faithful. Bateman was, on the outward, a stereotypical yuppie, but underneath the public image he had created for himself he was actually a murderous psychopath. Bale researched Bateman by studying the novel. He prepared himself physically for the role by spending months tanning and exercising rigorously in order to achieve Batemans Olympian physique, even going so far as to distance himself from the cast and crew in order to preserve the darker side of Batemans character. American Psycho premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival to much controversy. Famed American critic Roger Ebert seemed to condemn the film at first, calling it pornography and the most loathed film at Sundance, but gave it a favorable review, writing that Harron transformed a novel about bloodlust into a movie about mens vanity. Of Bales performance, he wrote, Christian Bale is heroic in the way he allows the character to leap joyfully into despicability; there is no instinct for self-preservation here, and that is one mark of a good actor.
On April 14, 2000, Lions Gate Films finally released American Psycho in theatres. The films overall budget and marketing costs amounted to US$17,000,000. It made a tidy worldwide profit of US$34,266,564. More importantly, it strengthened Bales reputation as a committed and capable actor, and further cemented his cult status. Bale was approached to make a cameo appearance in another Bret Easton Ellis adaptation, The Rules of Attraction, which was loosely connected to American Psycho. He declined out of loyalty to Mary Harrons vision of Bateman, which he felt could not be properly expressed by anyone else. In the 2000 sequel to 1971's Shaft, Bale played a villainous character similar to Patrick Bateman, an unhinged racist yuppie named Walter Wade, Jr., a decision which generated observations about the two roles being too alike. Bale acknowledged that perhaps taking on such a similar role so soon was a possible mistake on his part.
Bale played an assortment of diverse characters from 2001 onwards. His first role after American Psycho was in the John Madden adaptation of the best-selling novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which was a significant departure from the novel. Bale played Mandras, a Greek fisherman who vied with Nicolas Cages title character for the affections of the desirable Pelagia (Penelope Cruz). The Mandras of the novel was a more developed character with his own subplot; Bales Mandras was relegated to a supporting character, and his subplot was eliminated, much of the camera being devoted to Corelli and Pelagia. Captain Corellis Mandolin was Bales second time working with John Hurt, after All the Little Animals.

2002 was a busy and disappointing year for Bale. He starred in three feature films, none of which were successful at the box office. Laurel Canyon (2002), an independent film about love and longing, divided critics. The films script and the directors ego were questioned, but critics, by and large, agreed that Frances McDormand outshone the rest of the cast, including Bale.
Reign of Fire was Bales first action vehicle. It had an immense budget (over US$90,000,000) compared to all his previous work. The films plot involved a fire-breathing dragon that had been awakened from hibernation, bringing with it thousands more that threatened the world. Bale entered into negotiations about starring in the film with reservations, but director Rob Bowman convinced him to take the lead role. Bale starred as Quinn Abercromby opposite Matthew McConaugheys Denton Van Zan, two heroes with identical goals but different methods. Bale and McConaughey trained for their respective roles by boxing and working out. The film was largely panned by critics, failed at the U.S. box office and contributed to Bales growing depression. Equilibrium was Bales third film of 2002 and it landed a potentially severe blow to his career, costing US$20,000,000 to produce but earning just over US$5,000,000 worldwide. This commercial failure may at least in part have been due to Dimension Films not issuing Equilibrium a wide release, lacking faith in promoting it. Nevertheless, it gained such a cult following upon its release on DVD that director Kurt Wimmer was granted a US$30,000,000 budget to direct Ultraviolet. Bale played John Preston, an elite lawman in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic society. Equilibrium featured a fictional martial art called Gun Kata, inspired by The Matrix and John Woos films that combined gunfighting with hand-to-hand combat. Preston was a master of Gun Kata, which made him a particularly memorable protagonist. Prestons fanbase was so strong that a number of fans banded together to develop a total conversion mod for the computer game Max Payne 2 dubbed Hall of Mirrors. According to, the character of John Preston has the most onscreen kills in a single movie ever. His kill-o-meter is set at 118, exactly half the movie total of 236.

After a years hiatus, Bale returned in 2004 to play Trevor Reznik, the title character in the psychological thriller The Machinist. Reznik was a chronic insomniac, tormented by a mysterious stalker. Bale devoted himself to the role to an extent he had never gone to, sacrificing his mental and physical well being to achieve Rezniks emaciated, skeletal appearance for the sake of an authentic, natural performance. (In one scene, Jennifer Jason Leighs character quipped, If you were any thinner, you wouldnt exist.) He went without proper rest for prolonged periods, and placed himself on a crash diet that saw his weight dropping by a startling sixty pounds (27 kilograms) in a matter of months (see List of actors who gained or lost weight for a role). Bale wanted to lose more, but everyone from the director to his doctor forbade him (as it was, Bale only weighed a startling 120 lbs (54 kilograms) by the end of filming). He was compared to Robert De Niro, whose alternate weight-gaining regimen saw him putting on fifty-five pounds for his role as Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull. Bale took the Reznik role because the script intrigued him, and it helped him cope with his depression. The Machinist garnered mostly positive reviews critics were impressed by Bales dedication. It was a humble production, costing roughly US$5,000,000 to produce. It was given only a limited U.S. release and made most of its profits overseas.
Bale, an admirer of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, was cast as the voice of the title character, Howl, in the English language dub of the Japanese director's fantasy anime adventure Howl's Moving Castle, an adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones children's novel. Its profits in the United States made up a mere US$4,711,096 in of its staggering worldwide gross (US$230,458,788). Bales Howl, a wizard who lived in a spectacular walking castle, was debonair, princely and ostentatious, a quality shared with one half of Bales next role.

Bale had long been a contender to portray Batman, from as early as 2002. Earlier on, he had auditioned for the role of Robin in Batman Forever, but lost out to Chris O'Donnell.
In 2004, after completing filming for The Machinist, Bale won the coveted role and was set to star with the predominantly British and Irish cast of Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Tom Wilkinson, Gary Oldman, Rutger Hauer, and Cillian Murphy in the Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman Begins, a complete restart of the Batman mythos without any ties to the Burton or Schumacher visions. Bale beat out Jake Gyllenhaal, the closest competition. Evening the score, Bale lost the part of Anthony Swofford in Jarhead to Gyllenhaal.
Still fresh from The Machinist, it became necessary for Bale to bulk up to match the powerful physique of Batman. He was given a deadline of six months to do this. Bale recalled it as far from a simple accomplishment: when it actually came to building muscle, I was useless. I couldnt do one push up the first day. All of the muscles were gone, so I had a real tough time rebuilding all of that. With the help of a personal trainer, Bale succeeded in meeting the deadline, gaining exactly one hundred pounds (45kg) in six months. He then worked toward building muscle.
Bale had initial concerns about playing Batman, as he felt more ridiculous than intimidating in the Batman costume. He dealt with this by depicting Batman as a savage beast in his portrayal. To attain a deeper understanding of the character, Bale read various Batman comic books. He explained his interpretation of the Dark Knight: Batman is his hidden, demonic rage-filled side. The Batman creature [Wayne] creates is an absolutely sincere creature and one that he has to control but does so in a very haphazard way. He's capable of enacting violence and to kill so he's constantly having to rein himself in. For Bale, the most grueling part about playing Batman was the costume. You stick it on, you get hot, you sweat and you get a headache in the cowl, he said. But I'm not going to bitch about it because I get to play Batman. When promoting the film in interviews and public events, Bale retained Bruce Waynes American accent to avoid confusion with Batman being a Briton.
Batman Begins was released domestically on June 15, 2005 to wide critical, fan and public approval. Nolan was commended for choosing to film most of Begins more traditionally by opting for live-action special effects whenever possible in an age where CGI was economical and believable. The cast was praised for its effective portrayals, but Bale, along with Cillian Murphy (The Scarecrow) drew the most acclaim for his dual portrayal of both Batman and Bruce Wayne. He earned the Best Hero award at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards for his performance.
Batman Begins was a domestic and international triumph for Warner Bros., costing approximately US$135,000,000 to produce and taking in over US$370,000,000 in returns worldwide. A Batman Begins video game was also developed for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance; Bale provided the voice of Batman.
Bale is currently filming the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. The film will be once again directed by Christopher Nolan and will have a release date of July 18, 2008 in the United States.
Assuming Bale fulfills his contractual obligation to star in a third Batman film, he will be the first actor to portray the character in three different feature films.

Justice League:
Since the rebooting of the Batman franchise and the revival of the Superman movie franchise with Superman Returns, fans have speculated as to the future production of a Justice League movie. Bale was asked about the subject of reprising his role as Batman for a possible Justice League movie:

"It's like I was saying to Chris -- I'll be probably doing this in dinner theatre somewhere in my 50s, so I won't knock it. Because who knows where I'll end up?"

During an interview with MTV, when asked about if he had been approached to play his role of Batman in Justice League, Bale stated:

"No, theres been no talk with me about Justice League; its only [reporters] who mention this to me."
Bale also seemingly showed his sentiments towards a Justice League movie by also stating in the interview:

"Weve done something very good with our Batman, and so I would not do anything that wasnt in keeping with what we were doing." And, "...thatd be a whole different world. And if it wasnt part of [our] world, then it wouldnt work."

2006 and beyond:
After starring in a big-budget film such as Batman Begins, Bale returned to doing independent films. Bale was cast as one of the two leads in the South Central David Ayer-helmed crime drama Harsh Times, co-starring with Freddy Rodriguez. Bale played Jim Luther Davis, a grim Afganistan War veteran afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder, inexplicably approached by the Department of Homeland Security and hired as a federal agent. Harsh Times premiered at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival and had a wide release on November 10, 2006.
Terrence Malick directed The New World, a period piece inspired by the stories of Pocahontas, and Bale was cast as John Rolfe, his second time participating in a dramatization of Pocahontas. He shared the screen with Colin Farrell and Q'Orianka Kilcher, who played lovers John Smith and Pocahontas. The majority of screen time was devoted to Farrell and Kilcher; Bale was a secondary character, and only appeared during the last third of the film. The New World left critics to contend whether its indulgence and the dramatic liberties it took over historical accuracy made the film a champion or a dud. Opinions were extremely divided. Filmgoers were uninterested. 'The film was a failure at the U.S. box office and its worldwide total (US$29,506,437) fell just short of turning a profit (the production budget was placed at US$30,000,000).
2006 saw Bale take on a trio of projects. Rescue Dawn by German filmmaker Werner Herzog had him playing a U.S. Fighter pilot who has to fight for his life after being shot down while on a mission during the Vietnam War. Bale left a strong impression on Herzog, with the director complimenting his acting abilities: "I find him one of the greatest talents of his generation. We made up our own minds long before he did Batman." In The Prestige, an adaptation of the Christopher Priest novel about a rivalry between two Victorian stage magicians, Bale reunites with Michael Caine and director Christopher Nolan. The cast of The Prestige also included Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Piper Perabo, and David Bowie. I'm Not There, a film that sees Bale working with Todd Haynes and Heath Ledger once more (Heath plays The Joker in the 2008 film The Dark Knight), is an artistic reflection of the life of Bob Dylan, and also includes Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, Julianne Moore and Charlotte Gainsbourg as part of the cast. In an August edition of Entertainment Weekly, Matt Damon marveled at how Bale was able to handle so many different projects in one year given his method ethic.

Personal life:
On January 29, 2000, Bale married Sandra "Sibi" Blazic (born 1970) a one-time model, make-up artist, and personal assistant to Winona Ryder, his Little Women co-star. He has a daughter with Blazic named Emmaline, who was born on March 27, 2005, in Santa Monica, California.
Bale has three older sisters Erin Bale, a musician; Sharon Bale, a computer professional; and Louise Bale, a theatre actress and director. The Bale family is deeply rooted in show business, especially theatre. Bale is a distant relative of British actress Lillie Langtry, while his uncle, Rex Bale, and maternal grandfather were actors as well.
Like his father, David, Bale is known as a conservationist and an animal lover, and is a supporter of conservation and animal welfare groups like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund. The famous feminist activist, Gloria Steinem, became a first-time bride at age 66 and Bale's stepmother when she married David on September 3, 2000, before the elder Bale's death in 2003.
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Christian Bale at Londons Heathrow International Airport
Christian Bale at Londons Heathrow International Airport
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Christian Bale and his daughter Emmeline at Londons Heathrow International Airport
Christian Bale and his daughter Emmeline at Londons Heathrow International Airport
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Christian Bale with his daughter Emmeline at Londons Heathrow International Airport
Christian Bale with his daughter Emmeline at Londons Heathrow International Airport
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Christian Bale at Londons Heathrow International Airport
Christian Bale at Londons Heathrow International Airport
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Christian Bale and his daughter
Christian Bale and his daughter
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Christian Bale and his daughter
Christian Bale and his daughter
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Christian Bale and his daughter
Christian Bale and his daughter
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