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Born: December 17, 1944 Brazil.

Carlos Barbosa-Lima biography (bio):
Carlos Barbosa-Lima has long been a masterful interpreter of a wide range of melodic music. A brilliant acoustic guitarist, Barbosa-Lima gives taste and feeling to works that range from Gershwin to Bach, Jobim to Debussy. A native of Brazil, Barbosa-Lima began studying the guitar when he was seven. Among his teachers were the influential Brazilian guitarist Isaias Savio and Andres Segovia. While still a child, he was performing in public and he made his recording debut when he was just 12. He first toured the United States in 1967 and during 1971-72 Barbosa-Lima performed in London and New York, gaining a worldwide reputation. In the early 90s, Barbosa-Lima also performed frequently and recorded with Charlie Byrd and his quintet. CarlosBarbosa-Lima's tasteful yet virtuostic control of the guitar has resulted in consistently delightful solo recitals that appeal to a wide audience. Thus far his releases have found him exploring the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, George Gershwin, Scott Joplin, Luiz Bonfa, Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein (songs from West Side Story) and a variety of lesser-known Brazilian composers.
Carlos Barbosa-Lima : p55636azykv
Carlos Barbosa-Lima : p55636azykv
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Carlos Barbosa-Lima : p19037c03mj
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