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Bury Your Dead (sometimes abbreviated to BYD) is a five-piece moshcore band that hails from Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. The band recently finished their headlining "Yankees & Brits, Frenchies & Grits" tour with Bring Me the Horizon, Ion Dissonance, and Nights Like These. The band states that after the tour they are entering the studio.

In January 2007, vocalist Mat Bruso left the band, wanting to focus on "more important things like going back to school to become a teacher." Soon after in March 2007, Michael Crafter, former vocalist for I Killed the Prom Queen and Carpathian, briefly took over vocal duties for part of the "Don't Call It A Comeback Tour", only to leave during the tour to return to Australia due to homesickness. And now, due to Crafter leaving while on tour, Bury Your Dead have quickly appointed Myke Terry of Cassius to perform vocals.

-Myke Terry.
-Slim B..
-Mark Castillo.
-Aaron Patrick.
-Eric Ellis.
Bury Your Dead : BuryYourDeadVR02
Bury Your Dead : BuryYourDeadVR02
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Bury Your Dead : BuryYourDeadVR01
Bury Your Dead : BuryYourDeadVR01
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