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Brides of Destruction is a hard rock supergroup containing Nikki Sixx of Mtley Cre and Tracii Guns of L.A. Guns amongst others. Its debut album Here Come the Brides reached the top 100 of the US album charts and launched a headlining tour of the US in April 2004. Sixx left the band to rejoin Mtley Cre in January 2005 for a reunion tour supporting a greatest hits compilation.

Brides of Destruction formed in 2002 in Los Angeles. Its founding members were Sixx on bass, Guns on guitar, Kris Kohls of Adema on drums, and 38 year old neophyte singer London LeGrand. LeGrand impressed in his audition and secured the job as vocalist by impressing his bandmates in a gig opening for Mudvayne and Taproot. The band was initially known as "Cockstar" but radio programmers advised that they wouldn't be able to announce the name on air. For a brief period afterwards, the band adopted the moniker Motordog, but dropped it shortly after for the final name, Brides of Destruction. Nikki's friend Dano suggested the name in an e-mail and the band liked it.

Hamilton soon left the band and was replaced by John Corabi who had briefly worked with Motley Crue in the 1990's. The band initially recorded some demos. However Kohls left in November 2002 and Scot Coogan was recruited as the drummer. They recorded some more songs and played two gigs in December 2002 while being support acts for major nu metal acts Mudvayne, Taproot, and Depswa. John Corabi left in March 2003 and the band was on hold for a few months while members pursued they were in discussions with many record labels.
The band eventually signed with Sanctuary Records and recorded its debut album Here Come the Brides for release in the US spring. It made the top 100 of the Billboard album charts in 2004. However, the band chose "Shut the Fuck Up" as its first single as a protest against politicians discussing the war against terror. Despite the fact that the track was edited for radio, the song did not receive as much airplay as the band would have liked and the track failed to chart.
Here Come the Brides also contains "Only Get So Far", a ballad originally written by Sixx for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. On its website the band nominated "I Don't Care", "Brace Yourself", "I Got A Gun", "Life" and "Natural Born Killers" as highlights.
The lineup of the band changed again when Sixx left the band to rejoin Mtley Cre for its reunion tour in 2005. Ginger from The Wildhearts joined the band as the second guitarist and Scott Sorry of Amen joined on bass. The new lineup of Brides of Destruction commenced writing songs for their follow up, Runaway Brides. Ginger soon left the band due to various reasons. In late 2005 while Brides of Destruction were touring Britain and Europe in 2005 Scott Sorry was no longer in the band. The band chose to use Jeremy Guns as the bass player for these shows along with the support act Red Star Rebels bass player, Dazzle Rebel for many of these shows. Jeremy worked as guitar and bass tech for Brides of Destruction and was doing this before Sorry left.
Tracii Guns announced that the Brides of Destruction were on hold for at least a year in Jan 06 when he joined Quiet Riot on lead guitar. However, this membership only lasted one month, and after this Guns did not return to BOD.
According to Guns, the future of the Brides is still unknown. Guns has since formed his own solo band.
On March 18th 2007 a previously unreleased BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION song featuring MTLEY CRE bassist Nikki Sixx has been made available for streaming via the band's MySpace page. "Entertain Us" which borrows the guitar riff from the Queen song Stone Cold Crazy was the last song recorded while Nikki was in the band and it features drummer Scot Coogan on lead vocals.

* London LeGrand (vocals).
* Tracii Guns (guitar and vocals).
* Jeremy Guns (bass).
* Scot Coogan (drums and vocals).
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Brides of Destruction : BridesDestructionNoi01
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Brides of Destruction : BridesDestructionNoi03
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Brides of Destruction : BridesDestructionNoi02
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