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Brick & Lace is a Jamaican R&B duo consisting of sisters, Nyanda and Nailah Thourborne. They are signed to Akon's Kon Live Distribution, 180 Entertainment, and Geffen Records.

Early life:
Nyanda and Nailah Thourborne have always wanted to be singers. Born to a Jamaican father and an American mother and raised predominantly in Kingston, Jamaica --on a musical diet of reggae, R&B, hip hop, pop and country. "We are a hybrid," says Nailah. "It's not fabricated at all; its who we are." The duo also appeared in many mixtapes before they were eventually signed on 180 Entertainment, and later on to Akon's label, Kon Live Distribution.

Music career:
Brick & Lace started working on their debut album in 2004, naming it Love Is Wicked in early 2005. They worked with many producers, most notabely Akon, who was impressed by their talent and decided to sign them onto his new label, Kon Live. They released their first single, "Never Never", late 2006, and the video recently premiered on Yahoo! Music. Love Is Wicked is set to be released this summer, according to the duo's official MySpace. It includes production by Akon,, Ron Fair and Cool & Dre.

They performed in the Sweet Escape tour on May 24 in Camden, NJ. They filled in for Lady Sovereign, who didn't show.

They appeared on Obie Trice's 2nd studio album Second Round's On Me on the track Jamaican Girl.

* Their mother came up with the word 'lace', and Nyanda came up with 'brick', forming the origin of the band's name.
* They were the first female Jamaican group to be signed to Jive Records before being dropped from the label two months later.
* The girls describe Akon as their "third member" and even the Jam & Lewis to their Janet.
* They either wrote or co-wrote every track on their album.

-Nyanda Thourborne.
-Nailah Thourborne.
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