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Breaking Point is an alternative rock band on the record label Wind-up Records.

They performed "One of a Kind," the entrance music for professional wrestler Rob Van Dam, which can be found on the album "WWF Forceable Entry", played in an episode of High School Stories and in a trailer for the film Biker Boyz.

Their track "27" can be found on the soundtrack for The Scorpion King. Their song "Goodbye To You" is on the Fantastic Four soundtrack. Also the song "Coming Of Age" is featured in Dragon Ball Z Movie number 4, Lord Slug.

Their songs "Falling Down" and "Under" were used in the english dub soundtrack of Dragonball Z Movie 5: Cooler's Revenge. Their song "Phoenix" was used for the movie's end credits.

In Summer 2006 Breaking Point toured the United States with former Creed frontman Scott Stapp.

As of July 2007, guitarist Justin Rimer has been performing as a member of 12 Stones.

-Brett Erickson.
-Justin Rimer.
-Greg Edmonson.
-Aaron "Zeke" Dauner.
Breaking Point : Breaking-Point-sb01
Breaking Point : Breaking-Point-sb01
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Breaking Point : Breaking-Point-01
Breaking Point : Breaking-Point-01
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