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Birth name: Rodney Basil Price.
Also known as: Warlord, Five Star General, Poor People Governor.
Born: June 12, 1972 Kingston, Jamaica.

Bounty Killer biography (bio):
Bounty Killer is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay, known for his hard work in combating poverty and helping new artists.
The last son in a family of nine, he grew up in the rough part of Kingston, Jamaica, in the neighbourhood of Seaview Gardens. His mother stayed at home while his father went out to earn a living.
He started performing under the name Bounty Hunter but one day, while walking in one of the rough neighbourhoods of Kingston, he was caught in crossfire and hit by a bullet. He spent several days in the hospital, and it was during this time that he decided to change his name to Bounty Killer.
During the early 1990s, Bounty Killer hung around the studio of producer King Jammy in Kingston encouraged by the moderate success of fellow friend and deejay Boom Dandymite - and finally Bounty Killer got the chance to voice for King Jammy and one of the first tunes to come out from Bounty Killer was the controversial "Coppershot".
Since 1993 Bounty Killer became a household name in Jamaica due to his well received performance at the annual hardcore festival Sting held in the days after Christmas with his rough lyrics and unique flow. Bounty Killer has tried to protect his individuality and this has caused many problems both on and off stage with various singers. Bounty Killer and Merciless even got into a fist fight on stage during the Sting festival in 1997 and have made headlines throughout Jamaica for the rivalry with Beenie Man as both claim that the other has stolen his act.
During the 1990s Bounty Killer has voiced for producers and labels in Jamaica and has put out songs of redemption like: "Defend the Poor", "Mama", "Book, Book, Book", "Babylon System" and "Down in the Ghetto". In 1996 the Jamaican government banned his hit song "Fed Up". The 90s was also the decade in which Bounty Killer became known in USA and in Europe and ended up with several combinations with big artists like The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, Mobb Deep, Capone-N-Noreaga as well as No Doubt and AZ in 2005.
While the 1990s was a decade of many albums released, the new millennium seems to be the decade of many singles released. Still working with top producers in Jamaica and abroad, Bounty Killer insists on releasing singles almost on a daily basis. He is without any doubt one of the most productive artists to come out of Jamaica, and he recently put out a best of album and is planning a brand new studio album as of December 2006.
He recently signed with VP Records and the compilation album "Nah No Mercy - The Warlord Scrolls" was released on November 7, 2006.
His "war" with rival Beenie Man is active again as both have released diss tracks to one another on the Showoff Riddim. Beenie Man recorded "The war is not over" a.k.a. "Bullet Proof Vest" and Bounty Killer counteracted with "Bullet Proof Skin" and also "Oxtail & Rice".
Bounty Killer : p21525ms4pm
Bounty Killer : p21525ms4pm
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Bounty Killer : p21524xrm2f
Bounty Killer : p21524xrm2f
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Bounty Killer - My Xperience album cover
Bounty Killer - My Xperience album cover
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