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Blue were a successful English pop boy band consisting of four members: Lee Ryan, Duncan James, Antony Costa, and Simon Webbe. Together the band sold over 11 million records. Currently all the members of the band have gone to pursue solo careers, however, on September 12, 2007, The Sun (newspaper) reported that the boys were planning a reunion tour and album, possibly in time for the Christmas season.

All Rise
The band released their debut single "All Rise" in May 2001 and it reached number 4 in the UK singles chart. Blue followed this in August with the chart-topping "Too Close", a cover version of Next's US No 1 hit. Their second number one came in November with "If You Come Back". All three singles featured on debut album "All Rise", which was released in time for Christmas and reached number one, eventually selling in excess of 1,300,000 copies alone in the UK. Blue reached number six in March 2002 with their fourth single, "Fly By II" - a remix of album track "Fly By".The album was 30 in Portugal.

One Love:
The band released a new single and album, in the summer of 2002, both called "One Love" which was the highest selling Blue album, selling 1.3 Million copies in the UK and more than 3 Million copies Worldwide. Their next single, which also reached number one on the British Top 40, was a duet with Elton John entitled "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word", a cover version of one of Elton John's songs. This track was number one in Europe for six weeks.

"Guilty" (the album and the single) was released in the fall of 2003. The next singles were "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" (sung with Stevie Wonder and Angie Stone), "Breathe Easy", and "Bubblin'". The album Guilty sold more than 600,000 copies in the UK.

Best of Blue:
The band decided to split after Elton John suggested that their popularity was decreasing and that they should concentrate on their solo careers. They did so after releasing their Best Of Blue greatest hits compilation in 2004, which contained a few new tracks such as "Curtain Falls", "Get Down On It" and "Only Words I Know". The album went to #2 in Portugal with 2 platinum. Both of singles, "Curtain Falls" and "Get Down On It" went #1 in Portugal for more than a week.

Solo careers:
Blue had sold 12 to 13 million albums and 40 million singles and split up in 2005, now all four members have since released solo singles.

Duncan released "I Believe My Heart" with Keedie in October 2004, reaching #2 in the UK Singles Chart and his solo album, Future Past was released in 2006 reaching #55 in the UK, selling 15,000 copies in Britain. Duncan has found more success in Italy, where his album peaked at #2 and the singles have been Top 5 hits.

Lee released "Army Of Lovers" in July 2005, reaching #3 and a self-titled solo album in August 2005 reaching #6. Lee's album was successful in Italy too, peaking at #3 and spending 5 weeks in the Italian Top 10.

Simon released "Lay Your Hands" in August 2005, reaching #4, and his debut album reached #7 UK Album Chart, selling over 700,000 copies.

Antony had released a single, "Do You Ever Think Of Me", before going into acting and performing in Blood Brothers and in the new year had arranged to be touring with Boogie Nights. Costa's debut album, "Heart Full of Soul" was released on 3 July 2006 in the UK and Ireland.

-Lee Ryan.
-Duncan James.
-Antony Costa.
-Simon Webbe.
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