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Bloodlined Calligraphy, a positive christian thrash/death metal band was born out of the ashes of the highly influential Ypsilanti, Michigan band Friction, who had dominated the local scene from 1999 to the early 2000s. Friction had seen many members in its time, however bassist Eric Cargile and drummer Matt Carter were the constants of the foundation. Guitarist Ryan Hampton joined Friction after resigning as drummer of a local band, Nobody's Heroes. After recording Say Hi To the Bad Guy, for Selah Records, with original vocalist Matthew Fleming, touring schedules forced them to recruit Ally French, to replace Fleming on vocals. Shortly after French joined the band, they were signed to California's Facedown Records. Around this time guitarist Jay Bowden quit, and Shawn Williams joined the group. Their second full-length LP, aptly titled Ypsilanti, was released in September of 2006. Former vocalist Matthew Fleming (The Birdman) has rejoined the fold as their full time tour manager.

In the fall of 2006, vocalist Ally French left the band to live with her husband, and drummer Matt Carter decided to leave the band to attend to family. They were replaced by Ellen Hoffman on vocals and Robbie Coran(formerly of the detroit band Let It Die) on drums. After a couple tours, Coran parted ways with the band. Shortly after, in April of 2007, Chris Norman (former drummer of Metro-Detroit bands When Heroes Fail and Angel Of Ares) took over. Only about a week later, Shawn Williams left the band to work full time. In June/July of 2007 BLC went on tour with Endwell(Victory Records), Destroy The Runner (Solid State Records), and Twelve Gauge Valentine (Solid State Records). A tour in September 2007 with the band With Blood Comes Cleansing (Victory Records) has been booked. The band plans to record a new record in December 2007 with acclaimed producer Zeuss, for release in Spring 2008.

* Ellen Hoffman - Vocals (2006-present).
* Ryan Hampton - Guitar.
* Eric Cargile - Bass.
* Chris Norman - Drums (2007-present).
Bloodlined Calligraphy : -610-1108750599-blcpromo
Bloodlined Calligraphy : -610-1108750599-blcpromo
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Bloodlined Calligraphy : B.L.C.
Bloodlined Calligraphy : B.L.C.
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Bloodlined Calligraphy : Artist-70656-1166144
Bloodlined Calligraphy : Artist-70656-1166144
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