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Biomechanical is an English Metal band, founded by John K. in the Summer of 2001.

The band first became known in 2003, when their long awaited debut album 'Eight Moons' was released to the public. It met extremely good reviews by many major magazines such as Metal Hammer UK, Terrorizer, Kerrang and Total Guitar, which gave the band a good first step into the metal music industry. Their music also became widely known in the metal circles of the Internet and they gained fame by the release of their second album, 'The Empires of the Worlds' from Earache Records.

John K. has also sang with Balance of Power but eventually decided to leave that band and dedicate himself full-time to Biomechanical. The Biomechanical sound is determined by very hard Riffs and the very complex rhythm structure of the songs. The vocals, which are partly distorted, and bombastic orchestral Synthesizer sounds, help create Biomechanical's complex soundscape. This powerful, somewhat surreal sound is very distinctive to Biomechanical and easily recognisable.

Biomechanical have headlined the second stage of The Bloodstock UK metal-fest, played at the Headway Festival(Netherlands), the Chicago PowerFest and the SXSW in Texas. They have supported bands such as Devildriver, Stampin Ground, Shadows Fall and Nevermore, have had one UK tour with Decapitated, one with 3 Inches of Blood and have also toured Europe with Exodus.

Shortly after completing work on their third album 'Cannibalised' four members of the band, Jon Collins, Chris Webb, Matt C. and Jamie Hunt quit the band, following a rumoured coup, leaving the founding member frontman John K. Biomechanical now have a new line-up, drummer Jonno Lodge and guitarists Gus Drax and Chris Van Hayden plus Adrian Lambert on bass.

-John K..
-Jonno Lodge.
-Gus Drax.
-Chris Van Hayden.
-Adrian Lambert.
Biomechanical band : biomechanical1
Biomechanical  band  : biomechanical1
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