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Birth name: William Bradford Champlin.
Born: May 21, 1947 Oakland, California, U.S.

Bill Champlin biography (bio):
William Bradford "Bill" Champlin is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, arranger and producer known for his work with Chicago and the Sons of Champlin.

Early career:
As a child, Champlin demonstrated a talent for piano, and eventually picked up the guitar after being inspired by Elvis Presley. He started a band, The Opposite Six, while at Tamalpais High School, in Mill Valley, California and went on to study music in college, but was encouraged by a professor to drop out of school and pursue music professionally.

The Sons of Champlin and solo career:
The Six changed their name to the Sons of Champlin, and eventually recorded a number of well-reviewed, poorly-selling albums (including Loosen Up Naturally and Circle Filled With Love) by 1977, when the 30 year old Champlin moved to Los Angeles.

In LA he did a lot of sessions and met a lot of great musicians, like Jay Graydon, David Foster, Steve Lukather and many more.Teaming up with producer David Foster, Champlin released two solo albums: Single and Runaway. Due to poor promotion from his record company, both albums sold poorly.

Champlin subsequently became an in-demand Los Angeles studio session singer, appearing on hundreds of recordings throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

He co-wrote the hit songs "After The Love Has Gone" (Earth, Wind & Fire) and "Turn Your Love Around" (George Benson), winning two Grammy Awards in the process. Among other artists he worked with were Boz Scaggs, The Tubes, and Lee Ritenour.
In the 1990s, Champlin released several more solo albums: No Wasted Moments, Burn Down the Night, Through It All, He Started to Sing and Mayday. which was a live recording of song from his career, includin musicians like Greg Mathieson, Jerry Lopez, Eddie Garcia, Tom Saviano and Rochon Westmoreland.

In 1997, Champlin revived the Sons of Champlin, whom he continues to play live shows with throughout the West Coast of the United States.

Tenure with Chicago:
In 1978, the day after Chicago guitarist Terry Kath died, Champlin received a call from someone connected to the group, suggesting that he audition to take Kath's place. Champlin turned down the offer, saying he could not fill that role. But in 1981, he collaborated with Chicago's drummer, Danny Seraphine, singing some backgrounds with Peter Cetera on a non-Chicago project.

Seraphine and Champlin co-wrote a few songs, and Champlin was invited to sing one song ("Sonny Think Twice") as a guest vocalist on what would eventually become Chicago 16. Champlin suggested to Seraphine that David Foster might be a good choice as a producer for Chicago at that time.

Seraphine began a campaign to get Champlin into the group, despite some obstacles (Robert Lamm, initially jealous at the prospect of another keyboardist, said, "What the hell do we need him for?" and Kenny Loggins personally called Champlin, saying, "What are you doing? Those guys are over!"). Reluctant at first, especially after hearing that he would be singing "Colour My World" ("I never really liked that one much"), Champlin finally said, "Why not? I'll give it a year," and joined the band in 1981.

In the meantime, he was the musical director for the television show Fridays and was featured singing several songs on 16, including "Bad Advice" and "Follow Me."
1984's Chicago 17 enhanced Champlin's presence in the group, when he wrote several songs ("Please Hold On," "Remember the Feeling" and "We Can Stop the Hurtin'"), and sang (with Cetera) the hit single "Hard Habit to Break."
When Cetera left the band in 1985, the focus shifted to a new vocalist, 23 year old Jason Scheff. Chicago 18 featured several Scheff sung hits, a situation Scheff acknowledged as being generous on Champlin's part.
In 1988, however, it was Champlin whose voice appeared prominently on several major hit singles: "Look Away," "I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love" and "You're Not Alone" from Chicago 19. That year he also sang the theme to the television show In the Heat of the Night.
In 1990, Champlin wrote, produced and sang lead on "Hearts in Trouble," a song for the movie soundtrack of Days of Thunder. Originally a solo song, the producers of the movie decided, for marketing purposes, that it be released under the name of Chicago; so the band's horn section added a brass arrangement to the track and, subsequently, it was released as a single. In the summer of 1990, Chicago launched their Hearts in Trouble Tour.
By the early 1990s, Chicago's popularity began to wane (Chicago 21, featuring the Champlin tune "Who Do You Love?" sold poorly), and the band recorded the now infamous Stone of Sisyphus, a project that remains unreleased to this day. Champlin is featured on "Mah Jongg," "Here With Me," "The Show Must Go On," and "Plaid."
Champlin made major contributions to Chicago's big-band tribute Night & Day Big Band in 1995, and to both editions of their Christmas album (Chicago XXV: The Christmas Album, re-released with additional tracks as What's It Gonna Be, Santa?).
Most recently he co-wrote four of the songs on the band's 2006 album Chicago XXX.

Personal life:
Champlin has been married since 1982 to his second wife, singer/songwriter Tamara Champlin (former Tamara Matoesian), and has three grown children. The couple's only child, Will, graduated from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and is currently pursuing a career as a singer and songwriter.
Champlin resides in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Bill Champlin : bill
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