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Supermodel Beverly Peele pictures (pic) and photo gallery.
Nickname: Baby Naomi.
Height: 6' (1.83 m).
Measurements: 33 1/2-22-33.

Beverly Peele biography (bio):
Beverly Peele is an African American supermodel. She was a top fashion model in the 80s and 90s. When she rose to fame, she was nicknamed "Baby Naomi". Peele has graced over 250 magazine covers worldwide including Vogue,Mademoiselle,Elle and Cosmopolitan. Peele has walked for all the top fashion designers, and has been featured in ads for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, Versace, Prada, among others.
In an episode of Tyra Banks Show, Beverly shared details about her battle with drugs and depression. Beverly began modeling when she was 12 years old and claimed that she was so big in fashion that she was making millions of dollars even at 12. The pressure from the fashion industry got to her, which resulted in her starting to drink at 13. She went on to spent huge amounts of money, and was caught up in the party lifestyle. Beverly credits her daughter Cairo for saving her from her crazy partying and drug filled lifestyle. Peele shocked the industry when she quit modeling to go to college raise her daughter. Beverly now has two children, including a son named Trey.
In 2005, Peele was arrested and charged with identity theft for allegedly buying about $10,000 worth of housewares, appliances and furniture with someone else's credit card numbers. She was charged with two counts of grand theft by access card. Peele reportedly found the wallet in a supermarket. Investigators says she returned the wallet to owner, but first copied the numbers on the cards.
Beverly Peele pictures
Beverly Peele pictures
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Beverly Peele pictures
Beverly Peele pictures
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Beverly Peele pictures
Beverly Peele pictures
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Beverly Peele
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