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Birth name: Betty Lynn Buckley.
Born: July 3, 1947 Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m).
-Peter Flood (29 April 1972 - 1979) (divorced).

Betty Buckley biography (bio):
Buckley was born in Fort Worth, Texas, to Ernest Buckley and Betty Bob; she is the eldest of their four children. She has three brothers - brother Norman Buckley is a movie and television producer.
She was crowned "Miss Fort Worth" in 1966 and was runner-up in the Miss Texas competition. Buckley was then invited to perform at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. For a time she worked as a reporter for the Fort Worth newspaper, but went to New York City in 1969 at the age of 21, where she landed a part in 1776.
Buckley was married in 1972 and divorced in 1979, and has never had children. She currently lives on a ranch in Parker County, Texas, and participates in NCHA cutting horse competitions while continuing to give concerts across the country.

Stage and screen career:
Buckley made her Broadway debut in 1969 and has been called "The voice of Broadway" by New York Magazine. Her rendition of "Memory" in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats established her reputation. Buckley has recorded 11 solo albums and now tours extensively across the U.S. each year. She is also a composer - her first recording contains mostly songs she wrote. She is also featured on many Broadway compilation recordings.
Buckley has covered many songs by country music singer Mary Chapin Carpenter during her shows. She has professed that the country singer is among her favorite "musical-poet-songwriter-singers." Carpenter once attended one of Buckley's performances and afterwards presented her with a personal letter of thanks. Buckley keeps the note in a frame and has said that receiving it was "one of the highlights of my life."
Buckley sang "Memory" from Cats at the Kennedy Center Honors in December 2006 as part of the tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber.
In 2007, Buckley will appear with Quintessence at Lincoln Center in its Great American Songbook series.

On Broadway, Buckley has appeared in:
* 1776 - 1969, her Broadway debut as Martha Jefferson where she sang "He Plays the Violin."
* Cats - 1982 where she won the Tony Award for outstanding achievement in the theater that year for playing Grizabella.
* The Mystery of Edwin Drood - 1985
* Song and Dance-1986
* Carrie - The Musical - 1988 - as Carrie's mother.
* Sunset Boulevard - 1994 (Andrew Lloyd Webber's adaptation of the film) as Norma Desmond, the aging diva silent screen actress.
* Triumph of Love - 1997 with F. Murray Abraham and Christopher Sieber. She was nominated for a Tony award for this show.

She is perhaps best known for the 1977-81 TV dramedy Eight is Enough. She joined the show in its second season after the original star, Diana Hyland, died after the first four episodes of season 1. Hyland's character (Joan Bradford) died, and Buckley was cast as Sandra Sue Abbott (nicknamed Abby), who went on to become stepmother to the 'eight' (kids) to which the series' title refers.
Buckley also gave a much-remembered performance in the original movie version of Carrie in 1976. She played Miss Collins, Carrie's gym teacher. In 1977, she recorded a solo on the song "Walking in Space," in the movie Hair.
She played the role of a country singer in Bruce Beresford's film Tender Mercies (1982), in which she sang the awarded song "Over You." She also appeared in the Woody Allen's film Another Woman (1988) and in Roman Polanski's Frantic (1988). In 2001-03, she played a role in seasons 4-6 of the HBO series Oz. She also has guest-starred in a number of television series, including Without a Trace, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Monk.
Most recently, Buckley appeared in the pilot episode of ABC's new Sunday primetime hit, Brothers & Sisters, only to be replaced by Sally Field due to a focus group not believing her performance.

Current career:
Buckley has made 11 solo albums and now performs extensively across the U.S. each year in such venues as the Cafe Carlyle and The Blue Note in New York City and the Cinegrill in Los Angeles. She frequently performs with her band, Quintessence. One of Quintessence's members is Kenny Werner, well-known jazz pianist - he has played and arranged for her for over 16 years. They continue to work closely together on arrangements for songs they perform.
A new album with Quintessence is due out in January 2008 on Playbill Records.
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Betty Buckley : 171307
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