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The band consists of lead singer Jemina Pearl Abegg, the daughter of Christian artist/photographer Jimmy Abegg; guitarist Jonas Stein, the son of manager Burt Stein; John Eatherley (who replaced founding member Jamin Orrall on drums); and Nathan Vasquez (bass), son of acclaimed Latin Jazz guitarist Rafael Vasquez. Vasquez replaced Jake Orrall, the founding member of Be Your Own Pet, who left the band to spend a year in Iceland.
Be Your Own Pet formed in 2003 in the basement of Orralls house, which doubles as a home studio/rehearsal space for indie label Infinity Cat Recordings.
Their sound is basic, primal garage rock and they are often compared to popular New York group Yeah Yeah Yeahs, not just for their style, featuring heavy rock guitars with abrasive vocals and erratic, angular rhythms, but also due to critical comparisons of Abegg to Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O. Both women are known for their dynamic stage presence.

Be Your Own Pet generated a massive amount of press following the release of their debut single "Damn Damn Leash" on Infinity Cat. The single was produced by Kings of Leon producer Angelo and Infinity Cat's Robert Ellis Orrall, and mixed by Modest Mouse mix engineer Jaquire King. The press included an interview in Rolling Stone, and appearances at the Glastonbury and Reading/Leeds festivals, as well as successful appearances at SXSW and slots supporting bands such as The Kills. The band also appeared on the Queen tribute album, Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen, covering "Bicycle Race". The band released their eponymous album in the UK in March 2006, and in the US on June 6th, 2006, garnering critical acclaim from NME and Pitchfork. Blender magazine named it one of 2006's best CDs.
In September 2006, Jamin Orrall left the band to pursue college, his family owned record label, Infinity Cat, and JEFF, the band he and his brother, Jake Orrall formed in 2002. As of March 2007, the band are currently recording their follow up album, and a video of them in the studio working on the new CD was recently featured on Rolling Stone's website. They also opened for Arctic Monkeys on their American tour in May 2007.

Side projects:
All of the members of Be Your Own Pet are involved in various other musical projects. Firstly there is Jeff, the band that consists of ex-members Jake and Jamin Orrall. Jonas Stein and John Eatherly play together in a band called Turbo Fruits, along with their friend Max Peebles. Their debut album was released in 2007 in the UK and they are also booked to play at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the summer of 2007. Nathan Vasquez plays in a band called Deluxin, and Jemina Pearl plays in a band with her boyfriend Jeffry Novak.

* Jemina Pearl Abegg vocals.
* Nathan Vasquez bass.
* Jonas Stein guitar.
* John Eatherly drums.
Be Your Own Pet - Be Your Own Pet album cover
Be Your Own Pet - Be Your Own Pet album cover
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