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Baby V.O.X. was one of South Korea's most popular girl groups, belonging to record company DR Music. Although it initially had much internal turmoil, Baby V.O.X. eventually became a successful, cohesive group from 1999 to 2005, releasing many hit albums. However, after the dismal failure of their last album Ride West, it began to unravel again. By the end of that year, all of the members had left the company, with some going solo, and others moving into other entertainment areas. In December 2006, DR released the news that the group has been named Baby Vox Re.V; the group debuted in early 2007.

-Kim E-Z.
-Lee Hee Jin.
-Kan Mi Youn.
-Shim Eun Jin.
-Yoon Eun Hye.
Baby V.O.X : babyv
Baby V.O.X : babyv
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Baby V.O.X.
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