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Aphasia is a California-based alternative rock band. Forming in 2001, the band solidified their sound and lineup in high school, and began playing shows around the Bay Area, their local area. They are from Burlingame, CA.
By 2003 they had come to the attention of Trapt, another Northern Californian post-grunge band. Trapt mentored Aphasia and provided them with management and record-release assistance. Their first release was a three song teaser EP; shortly thereafter, in 2004, they released their first self-titled album. In 2005, DRT Entertainment re-sequenced, re-titled, and re-released the album as Fact & Fiction.
In 2005, the band toured as an opener for Trapt, alongside Blindside. They are now currently on tour throughout the United States.
Their single Flatline was featured in the movie War of the Worlds. Robby is listening to the song on his IPod when his dad pulls the earphones out of his ears.
The band cites their main influences to be Foo Fighters, Green Day, Refused, Incubus, Blindside, and Cursive.

Band Members:
* Jeff Harber (vocals)
* Drew DeHaven (guitar)-- now replaced by: Aaron Prim
* Jayce Basques (bass)
* Nick Allen (drums) -- replaced by: Will Peng -- replaced by: ????
Aphasia : p57283atmst
Aphasia : p57283atmst
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Aphasia : p57841qercx
Aphasia : p57841qercx
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