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Birth name:Ann Kok

Ann Kok began her career as an actress during a 1993 Star Search. A former travel industry professional, she was one of the finalists, and was eventually awarded a contract with the Mandarin Channel TCS8 (Mediacorp). She was with TCS8 until around 2000. However, later she took a three year break from these projects on television. She felt she needed to go to Hong Kong to develop her career further, although some claim it was not a good move and that she was more popular from 1995 to 1999.

Ann Kok was known as San-jie, one of Singapore's most popular actresses. She had landed lead roles on every program before she went to Hong Kong. She also discovered a love and talent for singing, and released three records before the year 2000. However, the endeavor in Honk Kong was less than stellar, even though she gained much experience and knowledge of the acting world while there. She returned to Mediacorp in Singapore in 2004. These days she has been getting a lot of parts, but no leads as of yet.

She has begun getting nominations for awards, however. In 2006, Ann Kok was nominated for Star Awards Best Actress for her portrayal of Jiang Ruqing (Love Concierge). In this movie, Ann played a woman who was evil, but was later depressed. Although it was her first nomination to a Best Actress award, she lost it to Ivy Lee.

Regardless of the ups and downs of Ann Kok's career, she is not giving up. She will appear in another television drama, All in the Family, which is planned for 80 episodes.
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