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Angtoria is a symphonic metal band composed of British singer Sarah Jezebel Deva and Swedish brothers Chris Rehn (formerly of Abyssos), and Tommy Rehn (formerly of Moahni Moahna).
Singer Sarah Jezebel Deva - who has worked with such bands as Cradle of Filth, Therion, Mortiis and Mystic Circle - joined with the brothers in 2001 to create the band. The name comes from a band that Tommy and Chris had formed earlier in life. Their debut album, God Has a Plan For Us All, was released on April 2006.

The band started with a friendship forged between Sarah and Chris when they were touring in 2001. They went on to produce a film soundtrack-like CD. In 2002 they came together with Tommy to produce an unofficial demo which was heard only by record companies, with the exception of "Six Feet Unders Not Deep Enough" which was posted on the band's website. This demo included a cover of Kylie Minogues "Confide in Me". The band won a competition at in May 2005, for which their prize was inclusion on a compilation CD. In late of 2005 they were finally signed by the french label Listenable Records.

The album God Has a Plan For Us All features all the tracks from the demo, with the exception of "Child That Walks The Path Of A Man", which only features as a bonus track on the digipack. The album also includes two tracks from the first album made by Chris and Sarah in 2001, along with another six new tracks. The bassist is Dave Pybus (Cradle of Filth and formerly Anathema) and male vocals on "Original Sin" were recorded by Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride.

-Sarah Jezebel Deva.
-Chris Rehn.
-Tommy Rehn.
-Dave Pybus.
-John Henriksson.
Angtoria : angtoria band3 large
Angtoria : angtoria band3 large
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