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Birth name: Angelica Locsin Colmenares.
Born: April 23, 1985 Bulacan, Philippines.

Angel Locsin biography (bio):
Locsin was born on April 23, 1985 in Bulacan province, where she also grew up. She is the second child of three. Her parents separated when she was fourteen and she has since lived with her father.
Locsin's career in show business began after she was discovered by a talent scout while she cut classes with a friend and was shopping at SM City North EDSA in Quezon City.. She auditioned for several commercials. She was supposed to be part of the Batch 9 of ABS-CBN's Star Circle Batch 9, but she failed to sign a contract with ABS-CBN"S Talent Center because her father, Angelo Colmenares, didn't agree. After a year, she became a contract star of GMA.
Locsn first appeared in Click, a teen-oriented program on the GMA Network, as the tomboyish Charley (short for Charlotte), where she was first paired with Brian Revilla, then eventually to Railey Valeroso). She became widely known when she first appeared on the cover of FHM (Philippine edition). The same magazine consistently lists her as one of the "100 Sexiest Women in the World", as well as sexiest Filipina, ranking No. 2 behind Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. She has also been known as a sex symbol of the Philippines.
Shes also a Commercial Princess endorsing, among others, Centrum, Smart, Axe, Timex Watch (with Piolo Pascual), Eskinol, Avon, Lotus Ballpen, Happee Toothpaste, the new San Mig Coffee commercial called Dream (also with Piolo) and Head & Shoulders for which she and Dr. Pie Calayan and Fanny Serrano comprise TEAM H&S with a mission to rid Manila of dandruff the fastest time possible, she has other print ads endorsements that made her tie up with Piolo Pascual at the No.3 spot of the top product endosers in the Philippines.
In 2003, she was devastated when her boyfriend, actor Miko Sotto, fell off from the 9th floor of his condominium in December 2003. Afterwards, her boyfriend's mother, movie actress and ABC-5newscaster Ali Sotto, donated his eyes to those in need. Angel eventually portrayed the dramatization of the life of one of these recipients in the TV drama show Magpakailanman
After appearing in Click, Locsin gained further exposure as she was cast in the television shows Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw Pa Rin, All Together Now and Love to Love'.
After her role as the half-human, half-avian Alwina in the 2004 Telefantasya Mulawin, where she was paired with Aguiluz (Richard Gutierrez), she auditioned for the title role of the classic Filipina superhero in Darna television series. She won the part handily among numerous actresses who tried out, and was chosen to don the iconic red suit and crest. She also voiced the character of Kyoko Iwase in the Philippine Tagalog version of Initial D aired in Animax.
After Darna, Locsin reunited with former love team Dennis Trillo as they top-billed GMA's fantasy-themed series, Majika.
Locsn also starred in films. Among her big screen credits are Kuya, Mano Po 2, Singles, Sigaw and the 2005 box-office hit Let The Love Begin, where she worked with on-screen partner Richard Gutierrez. Her team-up with Gutierrez is considered by some as one of the best pairings in the country. She also reprised her role as Alwina in the movie adaptation of Mulawin.
Locsin had her fair share of controversy after appearing in a TV ad for Axe (manufactured by Unilever Philippines). Many feminist groups, as well as former Senator Nikki Coseteng, complained about the offensive gestures in the advertisement. In the television commercial, Angel is teasing a man by showing off money and her body but the man approaches Angel and takes only her money. Because of these complaints, Unilever pulled out the commercial.
Locsn also dated Oyo Boy Sotto (born Vittorio Mari Sotto), son of actor Vic Sotto and actress Dina Bonnevie and cousin of her late boyfriend Miko Sotto.
Locsn also admitted on a Filipino talk show "Ali" that she has been an avid fan of WWF/WWE (World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment) since childhood. Her favorite wrestlers are Triple H and the Filipino-Greek-American Batista whom she met at the show 'Eat Bulaga' backstage.

Locsn and Sotto have just broken up, but they stated that they are still friends.
Locsn is reunited with Richard Gutierrez for the blockbuster movie The Promise which was co-produced by Regal Entertainment and GMA FILMS Production. The movie has a different portrayal for both, showcasing a more mature role. It has a love scene and a bed scene which the two haven't done in any other films. She and Richard are considered the most popular young stars of their generation and both are one of the most highest paid stars.
On July 20, 2007, QCRTC Branch 81 Presiding Judge Ma. Theresa Yadao dismissed Locsin's petition for reformation of instrument and/or recission/breach of contract and damages filed against Rebecca Becky" Aguilar after granting her motion to dismiss, based on settlement of their differences. Locsin sued her manager on Dec. 6 where she asked the court to order the reformation of the terms of the Artist Management Contract which she had signed, to reflect the true intention of the parties.
As of Now, Angel Locsin's five-year contract with GMA-7 expired, making her a freelancer. Her Manager is negotiating with ABS-CBN and there is a huge possibility that she will transfer to ABS-CBN Network, the rival TV station of GMA. Her manager, Becky Aguila, and her father, Angel Colmenares, sent a letter, formally informing GMA-7 that her talent would not renew her contract with the Kapuso network. Angel's father, Mr. Angel Colmenares (in showbiz talk show of ABS-CBN, The Buzz) talked about her transfer to ABS-CBN: "In case aalis man siya, because she did her best to serve GMA also. Of course, in the process, she keeps on improving herself. So I think that's a symbiotic relationship. I would like to think that the feeling is mutual because during the five years that she was in GMA, I believe, in her small way, she was able to help also GMA or improve the network; Yan ay talagang very grateful, itong anak ko. She loves GMA, knowing that GMA truly helped her in her career. If ever she transfers to another network, I think it is her option, it's business decision." Her manager concluded that chances of transferring to ABS-CBN is very high. GMA-7's Senior Vice-President for Entertainment TV expressed her disappointment with Angel's career move. In a phone patch interview with Showbiz Central, Wilma Galvante said that they were the last to know about Angel and her manager's intentions. Galvante said that they had asked Angel Locsin twice if her camp was negotiating with the rival network and Locsin and her Manager repeatedly denied there was a negotiation going on. The GMA 7 Executive further expressed disappointment that they were only informed of the impending transfer, through a letter from Becky Aguila, a few hours before Aguila and Locsin's father discussed the transfer on an interview with one of the shows of ABS CBN.
Actress Angel Locsin pictures
Actress Angel Locsin pictures
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Actress Angel Locsin pictures
Actress Angel Locsin pictures
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Actress Angel Locsin pictures
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Actress Angel Locsin pictures
Actress Angel Locsin pictures
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