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Born: May 15, 1973 USA.

Anders Manga biography (bio):
Jerry Anders is better known by his stage name Anders Manga, is a recording artist most popular in the Goth subculture. Although he has chosen not to sign to a record label , Anders Manga has gained a loyal following of fans worldwide through DIY marketing.

Anders Manga was nominated for "Best Band" in 2006 by Gothic Beauty Magazine. He has released 4 albums since 2005 and is currently recording his 5th titled, "X's and the Eyes".

Early life:
Anders Manga was born in High Point, North Carolina to Jerry Anders, Sr., a former "Golden Gloves" amateur Boxer and Fireman who was killed by a drunk driver in 1977, and Diane Crisco who died nine years later by an apparent overdose.

Other Bands & Film:
At the age of 16, Anders began performing in bands. His influences of Bauhaus, David Bowie, Alice Cooper & Nick Cave were a little odd for the small town of High Point, North Carolina. The only band mates he could find usually had mainstream musical tastes and would only want to play covers by popular bands such as Van Halen and Bon Jovi. Frustrated with this, Anders moved north to New York City.

There he found work as a cameraman on underground art and fetish films on which he used many pseudonyms. He began singing for a band called Inner Sanctum in East Village, Manhattan which disbanded weeks later. While in New York, Anders frequented goth clubs such as Albion/Batcave and was the webmaster for The Nuns. Anders then got an offer to move to Los Angeles, California for more film directing and cameraman work.

Anders work schedule was hectic in Los Angeles, leaving him little time to record music. In 2004 he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to begin work on One Up for the Dying.
Anders Manga : Anders mAnGa
Anders Manga : Anders mAnGa
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