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Gender: Female
Birthplace: Canberra, Australia
Birthday: 6-11-1979
Birth Name: Amy Elizabeth Taylor

Amy Elizabeth Taylor (born June 11, 1979 in Canberra, Australia) is a former football (soccer) player and current sports presenter with WIN Television in Australia. Taylor also works occasionally as a model, and is the face of Mako Sunglasses' advertising campaigns.

Amy was a member of the Australian women's national team, known as "The Matildas", playing as a defender in over 20 international caps. Additionally, she played nearly 100 games for the Canberra Eclipse of the Australian Women's National Soccer League, and has played professionally in the United States as well. She was first selected to the Australian women's national team in 1997, at the age of 17just six years after she began playing the sport. Known as a tenacious defender and aggressive tackler, Taylor's style of play contributed to a number of injuries which ultimately ended her football career. After two reconstructive surgeries on her ankles following the Matildas' 2004 season, she began her television career.

Taylor became famous in her homeland in 2000 when she graced the cover of the Matildas' nude calendar, and she has since appeared in various magazines and print ads as a model. She has become one of WIN's most popular presenters since her television debut on a fishing program called Fishing Australia. While she played football, she worked as an Executive Assistant at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
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Female model amy taylor : 1
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Female model amy taylor : 3
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