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Birth name: Adam Narkiewicz
Also known as: White Mike, Adam Alphabet, AK Donovan, A Zilla.

Akira the Don biography (bio):
Akira The Don is an independent Welsh raised rap artist who has been featured on numerous websites including Newgrounds[citation needed] and occasionally on the radio (e.g. Bethan and Huw, BBC Radio 1). He was formerly a member of an underground rap group called Crack Village, where his name was Adam Alphabet. His music covers a wide variety of subjects, most of which being serious ones, such as failed relationships (Cut You In The Face), losing a close friend (Patrick), abortion (Dead Babies), Christianity (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) and politics (Genocide Is Coming To The USA, One Bullet, and Clones).

He lists an eclectic selection of influences, including Ice Cube, Billy Bragg, Chris De Burgh, Morrissey (he claims himself to be 'The Rap Morrissey') and the Wu Tang Clan. His debut album When We Were Young (funded by Interscope)[citation needed] was produced by Danny Saber (U2, Black Grape) and James Brown (NIN, Ash) and Emile (50 Cent).

He was formerly signed to Interscope record label, but left when they decided his album was too politically sensitive to release[citation needed] - largely due to the track called "Thanks For All The AIDs". All his records thus far have been released through UK independent label Something In Construction.

Animated Videos:
To coincide with releases of EPs and/or singles, sometimes a flash video is made and released on Newgrounds, of which four has been released so far. These usually involve being drawn out by Akira and animated by his brother, Zef, who also helps with site design. The exception to this is Hypocrite, which is animated by Wonchop and features a large amount of his artwork as well as Akira's.

In 2007 Akira started producing for other artists - he contributed three songs to Lethal Bizzle's Back To Bizznizz album[citation needed], including the single Babylon's Burning The Ghetto, the Clash sampling Police On My Back and Reminicing. He has also produced songs for Mister Lacey, Envy, Mary Turner, 3RD ROK and Black Piranhas.
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Akira the Don : no bigger than 640 480
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