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Amidst his touring duties with LIVE, Adam Kowalczyk continues work as a singer/songwriter. Recently relocating to the East Coast from California, a 4-year stint that included independent projects with Dan Vickery of The Counting Crows, Gregg Upchurch of Eleven and Puddle of Mudd, the forming and departure from his band "Adam and the Weight" and their debut CD "Looking up from the Ground" released in 2003 which garnished a nomination for "Independent Pop Album of the Year" by the
LA Music Awards 2003 and an Honorable Mention for his song, "Never Good at Fighting" by The International Songwriting Competition 2004...he returned home to pen his new release entitled, "The Dream EP".

Recorded in Lancaster Pennsylvania at MoonTree Studios, mixed, engineered and co-produced by Adam Kontis, "The Dream EP" captures a vision of Adam's experiences on the road and the juggling process that it involves. Having been a part of so many wonderful things with LIVE, including session work on both releases "The Distance to Here" and "V", multiple television appearances on Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Woodstock '99 and 4 world tours, one would hope that after a few listens, you can
hear and feel the trials of a well-traveled romantic spreading himself thin at times without losing his identity as a solo artist and an emotionally creative entity. Adam Kowalczyk tells his story and writes what he feels in order to keep sight focused on truth, the pursuit of expression and maybe someday, a small slice of the type of success he so appreciates having experienced thus far with LIVE."
Adam Kowalczyk : adam cd front small
Adam Kowalczyk : adam cd front small
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