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Birth name:Richard Abidin "Abz" Breen .
Born:June 29, 1979 in Enfield, London

Richard Abidin Breen was born on the 29th of June 1979 to a Turkish father and Irish mother in the working-class Hackney section of London. His dad, a musician, left when he was young and mom Kay raised the boy herself. At an early age, he was singing, imitating and playing pretend. His mum would make Richard fancy costumes. He especially loved being Michael Jackson. At 8, he had a little band with his cousin, Izzy. Recognizing his talent, he was accepted into the famed Italia Conti stage school and started auditioning in London by age 16. He spent his spare time listening to the underground sounds of London and learning to DJ. Richard had taken ballet lessons [he loved the girls] and was naturally graceful. His all-around talents made him a natural for Five.

Since Richard Neville [a band member of Five] had no middle name, it was decided that Richard Breen would have the nickname "Abs", a short form of his middle name, to distinguish the two apart. Five was succesfull for 5 years and decided to break-up at the 27th of September 2001. All the members of Five agreed that it was time to stop, only Abs wanted to continue the band. For months he sat at home doing nothing except for watching tv. His old producer suddenly called him and asked him if he wanted to record some songs at the studio. He of course said yes and this is how his solo career started.

His first solo song What You Got came out at 19th of Augustus. He appeared at Rumba [big festival in Australia] in November/December and brought an exclusive long-play CD out only for Australia. He went back in the studio and is now back with a new single called Stop Sign. It is coming out the 26th of May. His album is expected to be relased near summer.
celebrity abs breen : 1
celebrity abs breen : 1
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