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Website Parking


Why is this page appearing in place of my website ?

There are many reasons why this page may appear, One of them is that you have not setup your website properly at, another may be that you have not renewed your domain name in time, and it is currently in redemption, or even registered by someone else (Depending on how long ago your website expiered).

I need to change this page now, and then i will look into getting my domain back, can this be done.

It can, but we advise you to act now to get your domain name back, if your domain is released and someone else grabs it, you will most probably not be able to get it back. As for how to change this page, You will need to contact MIDMAR.

Can i park my domain names using your service if i use a different registrar ?

The best way to park your domain name is by using the custom parking service offered by MIDMAR, this is a generic page and there are customisable parking services you can use offered by MIDMAR free of charge.