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Posted on 21st February 2009

The twenty students were announced yesterday February 20th 2009 and they are :

ناظم عز الدين - لبنان : Nazem Ezzeddine From Lebanon
تانيا نمر - لبنان : Tania Nemer from Lebanon
ناصر ابو لافية - الاردن : Naser Abu Lafia from Jordan
خولة بن عمران - المغرب : Khawla Bin Omran
متعب الفهد - السعودية
آيـــة - مصر
محمد باش - سوريا : Mohammad Bash from Syria
ايناس الاسود - تونس
زاهر زرقاتي - تونس : Zaher Zorgatti from Tunis
بسمة بوسيل - المغرب : Basma Boussil from Morocco
عبد العزيز عبد الرحمن - السعودية
يحيى صويص - الاردن : Yehia Sweis from Jordan
لارا اسكندر - مصر : Lara Scandar from Egypt
ابراهيم دشتي - الكويت : Ibrahim Dashti from Kuwait
نورا العميري - الكويت
ميشيل رماح - لبنان : Michel Rmeih from Lebanon
محمد سراج - مصر : Mohamed Serag from Egypt
ميشيل قزي - لبنان : Michel Azzi from Lebanon
جابر التركي - البحرين
ديالا عودة - فلسطين : Diala Odeh from Palestine.

Posted On February 10th, 2009

Well, its time again for the sixth season of LBC Star Academy. The first appearance of the new students will be presented live on LBC TV channel on the 20th of February 2009, which would be a Friday of course.

The Star Academy team is working hard at the minute for re-designing the place where the students will be living the upcoming 4 months or so. Many major changes are expected in this season, like the installation of excessive numbers of camera's as well as new activities for the guys and girls.

The casting of the talent reality show was held in more that one country of the Arab World since early December, 2008. The judges have been to Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, Algeria, Oman, and Lebanon. In search for the next Star Ac winner, fans of the show are expecting much of this season in particular.

This site is dedicated for full coverage of the prime live performances, evaluation exams, daily around and about of the students inside the academy, as well as their personal backgrounds, interests, news, and photos before, during, and hopefully after attending the academy.

We are looking forward for your participation, specially that we will be combining every detail from pictures to videos, not to mention our own reporters that will be updating us with the most up-to-date info and gossips.

Although we have a couple of the about-to-be staracademiers, but we won't reveal that up until we make sure that they get on the flight and head towards the LBC building. Foe now, we are working on the best plan to make this website an exciting experience for both fans and critics of the show. Please visit us soon, for we will be launching the interactive tools in no time.

I finally hope that this season brings better singers, musicians, dancers, actors and actresses to the Arab world.
Star Academy LBC season 6 Logo
Star Academy LBC season 6 Logo
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Sout El Dameer picture
Sout El Dameer picture
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amman concert of Star Academy season 6 and 5
amman concert of Star Academy season 6 and 5
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