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Birth name: Tia Nicole Tucker.
Born: December 14, 1971 in Louisiana, USA.
Nickname: T, Cha Cha.
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m).

Tia Texada biography (bio):
Tia Nicole Tucker, most commonly known as Tia Texada is an American film and television actress and singer. She is probably best known for portraying the role of Sgt. Maritza Cruz from the American television show Third Watch.

Early Life:
Texada's mother was a beauty queen and her father did magic tricks. She has been acting since she was young.

Texada's most recent appearance was as a guest star in an episode of The Unit. She played Sgt. Maritza Cruz in the NBC Drama Third Watch. She also has appeared in movies such as Paulie (1998) , Nurse Betty (2000), Glitter (2001), Phone Booth (2003), and Spartan (2004).
Tia also has a singing career, and her songs have been featured on shows such as Dawson's Creek. She has lent her voice to TV's Static Shock as well as many television commercials. She has also done layouts for magazines.
Tia Texada : Tia Texada-11
Tia Texada : Tia Texada-11
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