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Formed: 1998 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

Over It is a rock band from Orange County, California. Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, the band formed in 1998 to play melodic punk rock, and has since developed a more mainstream rock sound with punk roots. They are currently signed to Virgin Records.
The band, originally a four-piece, started out on Negative Progression Records. After gaining a small but solid fan base, the band was picked up by Lobster Records, on which they released Timing Is Everything in 2002, and Silverstrand in 2005. Silverstrand chronicles the band's move to southern California, and is their most focused work to date. Recently, the band added former Don't Look Down frontman Ryan Ogren as an extra guitar player, and released their Virgin Records debut, Step Outside Yourself in late August 2006.
They played an acoustic set at the first Bamboozle Left Festival which took place in Pomona, California.

Over It (band) Discography (albums):
* "Over It EP"
* "The Ready Series"
* "Hindsight 20/20 EP"
* "Timing is Everything"
* "Silverstrand"
* "Outer Banks"
* "Step Outside Yourself"

-Peter Munters.
-Seth Watts.
-Nick Bailey.
-James Ulrich.
-Ryan Ogren.
Over It : Over-It-band-v04
Over It : Over-It-band-v04
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Over It : Over-It-band-v02
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Over It : Over-It-band-v03
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Over It : Over-It-band-v01
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