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Birth name: Tammar Anika Chin.
Born: June 14, 1983 Kingston, Jamaica.

Tami Chynn biography (bio):
Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica in a musically charged familyher parents were in an all female "Frontline" band called The Carnations. Tami's mother was one of the First Female Trumpeters Jamaica had ever seen. In fact, the house that Tami grew up in was once used to house her parent's band rehearsals. This house now facilitates Tami's own band rehearsals and also the studio where her entire debut album was recorded.

Tami's unusual multicultural background includes a mixture of African, Chinese, Cherokee and Caucasian races. The result is a cultured individual aware of the power of music and the idea that music is indeed universal.

Throughout Tami's career she has had collaborative efforts with international Reggae superstars Sean Paul, Beenie Man and Lady Saw. In addition, she has vibed with underground artists such as Chase, Assassin, and Wayne Marshall. Prior to her Musical career, she toured with Shaggy as a backup dancer on his successful Caught Red Handed Tour: "Hot Shot's" Diamond selling album.

Obviously not a newcomer in the Reggae-Dancehall world, having performed two years in a row, on the biggest reggae show in the world: Reggae Sumfest 2004 and 2005. Her debut album was recorded entirely in Kingston, Jamaica.

Tami Chynn is the older sister of famous reggaefusion singer Tessanne Chin. Heavily influenced by her sister, Tami decided to pursue a career in music. Being heard first on the internet in 2005 with songs such as "Touch Me", "I'd Like to Know", and "Show Me Now", Tami Chynn has came a long way. Her first known appearances were in Wayne Marshall's video "Why", and her very first video with Kid Kurrup "Rock U". She had also made an appearance in a video by Leftside wit Esco entitled "Tuckin' Yuh Belly".

Her first album, entitled Out Of Many...One, released in the United States in August. Her first single, "Hyperventilating", became known in 2005 around the globe. It is sang on the Stepz Riddim, famous for Sean Paul's We Be Burnin', and she has collaborated with group T.O.K. for the remix. An electrifying video was shot in Jamaica for the single at the summer of 2006. There are 4 versions of the video. The promo version for the album release, a director's cut, the main, edited, version where some scenes that were available in the promo were cut out, and the short live version done at a photo shoot.

A few of her other songs leaked onto the internet around early 2006. Included were "Hot", "Tell Mi Seh", "Be Mine", "Gimme Good", "Goody Good", and "Give It To Me". Although they were never actually released, a video was shot and released for the song "Tell Mi Seh", in New York in the Fall 2006.

Her second single "Looky Looky" was released in Jamaica towards the end of 2006. A video was never shot for it. Her next single "1234" was another hot dance single. Sadly a video was never shot. Her following single "Over and Over Again", on the Guardian Angel Riddim, cameout in 2007. It is a slow reggeafusion song filled with her love and passion. She expresses herself deeply in this song with very soothing vocals. A video was shot for this in 2007. She is a talented singer/songwriter who is well on her way.

With "Looky, Looky" -- which has the great hoochie mama/roots rasta mashing couplet "You can looky, looky/But you can't get with I & I" -- as its centerpiece, this first half would make for a killer EP, but as "Bliss Is" expands the album with a dreamy, Prince kind of seduction, Out of Many becomes more interesting than riveting as Chynn wanders through heavier music. Nothing is filler, nothing is misguided, and the smooth "Still Afraid" brings warm reminders of the great reggae songstress J.C. Lodge, but there's no denying this B and B+ material would sound much better if it was shuffled into the album rather than stuck together. ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide

Recently, Tami Chynn has performed at a number of gigs such as The Latin Expo, Spliffie TV in Jamaica, and The Rumble Jungle. She has perfomred some hits such as "Hyperventilating", "Be Mine", "Give It To Me", and "Over and Over Again". Her newest singles are "Don't wanna dance"; a version of bubble up riddim, and "rude bwoi" a version of madness riddim, with others on the way
Tami Chynn : Tami-Chynn-umv02
Tami Chynn : Tami-Chynn-umv02
By User: panicattack
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Tami Chynn : Tami-Chynn-umv01
Tami Chynn : Tami-Chynn-umv01
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Tami Chynn - Out Of Many One album cover
Tami Chynn - Out Of Many One album cover
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Tami Chynn pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
Tami Chynn pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
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Tami Chynn pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
Tami Chynn pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
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Tami Chynn pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
Tami Chynn  pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
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