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The Changes are a Chicago rock band formed in March 2002.
Their music has been described as filtering in the new wave end of rock, with its dreamy jangle and jazzy rhythms. The band's members are Darren Spitzer (vocals/guitar/keys), Rob Kallick (bass guitar/keys), David Rothblatt (lead guitar/keys/vocals) and Jonny Basofin (drums and bells/keys). Their debut album, Today is Tonight, was released on September 26, 2006 on Drama Club Records in the United States and Kitchenware Records in Europe. They released a 7" double A-side single of "Her You and I" and "Such A Scene" in the UK on Kitchenware Records on May 28, 2007.
They have played with The Futureheads, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Stephen Malkmus, Metric, The Walkmen, Office, Elefant, Kaiser Chiefs, The 1900s, The Thrills, and Tally Hall.
The Changes : The-Changes-band-wg02
The Changes : The-Changes-band-wg02
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The Changes : The-Changes-band-wg01
The Changes : The-Changes-band-wg01
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The Changes - Today is Tonight album cover
The Changes - Today is Tonight album cover
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