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Basma Boussil and Yahia Sweis relation

Yahia Sweis, the Jordanian contestant of Star Academy season6 was interviewed live at the Radio station of Sawt Al Ghad by host Mazen Diab. Yahia talked about his own Starac experience as well as his expectations and disappointments regarding the competition. Below are some of the questions and answers of Yehia during the interview made two days ago in July 2009.

Q : Did you feel comfortable during the competition, specially that some students had the advantage of lip singing while others took off while the show was still at its start?
A : Well, let me tell you what I felt. I was always concentrating on doing my best. I was there to sing, to win, to make Jordanian people proud. I did my best according to that.

Q : We've all heard rumors about the Program authenticity, would you like to say anything about this issue?
A : All I can say is that it was a true experience 100%.

Q : What about the gifts sent by fans, watches, mobiles and flowers. Did you get anything of that?
A : I used to get some letters and souvenirs from fans. We as students were only receiving what has been presented to us.

Q : You've won the title of Jordan Singing Festival as well as participating in the MBC Album competition. According to your experience, who do you think was the best participant in Star Academy6?
A : It is definitely Abdul Aziz. Azooz deserved winning the title.

Q : Who do you wish to sing with?
A : I'd like to have the change of singing with Assi Hillani, Wael Kfouri, and Saber Robai.

Q : Many have been interested in your relation with Basma Boussil. Some even accused the relation and described it as fake.
A : Basma is the closest person to me. We used to share goods and bads. Gradually we started to feel closer. It was a combination of frienship, brotherhood, and real love.

Q : Then you admit that you're in love with Basma Boussil.
A : Yes, I am in love.
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