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September 5, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Does InStyle Mag"

On her body:
�I know I have what a 25 year old has, but she doesn�t have what I have. My boobs and butt aren�t doing too bad either, know what I mean?�

On men and dating
�I�m a woman, of course I�m dating�
�I trust my judgement, if I�m not sure about him, I�m cautious�
�I don�t do anything half assed and I want some one who can keep up with all that!�
�I thought I would be married and have three kids by the time I was 22�

On her future
�Am I going to have a baby? Who knows? I don�t. I�m not going to live my life looking just for that�


August 6, 2008: "'Boy crazy' Cameron Diaz"

Cameron Diaz has always been "boy crazy".

The 'What Happens In Vegas' actress has never been able to control her interest in the opposite sex.

She said: "I've never had a problem with boys. I have always liked boys, I always have crushes on boys and I have been boy-crazy since I was knee-high. Ask my mom, she'll tell you!

"But it's hard meeting normal people in the world, period - and in this business it's really hard to find people who are down-to-earth. But luckily I have a good core group of girlfriends. And I am happiest when I can get away with them or family and just be with the people I love."

Cameron - who has previously been romantically linked to Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Matt Dillon, Jared Leto and magician Criss Angel - also revealed she has her own definition of love.

She added: "With love there is two parts to the journey - the first is accepting yourself and who you are and the second is opening yourself to the right person.
"I think everyone asks themselves the same question - when do you learn to be happy with yourself and when do you need to open up to another person and have faith that love will work? We all go through that


July 30, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Desperate For A "Big Bum""

Cameron Diaz is desperate for "a big bum." The "What Happens In Vegas" star admits she would love to have a curvier posterior. She said: "I have an active lifestyle. I love to surf, I love to snowboard, I love to play golf, I love to hike. I also love to read a book, because that is mental athletics! Actually, I'd prefer to put on weight rather than lose it. I like women with curves. I want a big bum!"

Cameron also revealed her inner confidence comes from her family praising her as she grew up.

She added to Britain's Look magazine: "I was given a lot of confidence as a child, probably too much if you ask some people! I was always the troublemaker. It was definitely easier being the younger one. My poor sister had to go through all the trials first."

"Then my parents allowed me to do the things they never allowed her to do!"


July 10, 2008: "Cameron Diaz And Jennifer Aniston Call A Truce"

Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston have called a love truce. The actresses - who are both dating each other's ex-boyfriends - decided to put their differences aside and talk about the awkward situation they have found themselves in.

Jennifer is romancing singer John Mayer, who dated Cameron last year, while the 'Charlie's Angels' star is dating British model Paul Sculfor, who had a brief fling with the former 'Friends' actress.

A source said: "Jennifer is friends with Cameron. They had a chat about the situation because Cameron felt a bit awkward about dating Jen's ex. But Jennifer is really easy-going and cool about it."

Cameron and Paul's relationship is said to be getting serious and the couple are planning to move in together.

A friend said: "Cameron and Paul have been spending every night together. He doesn't have a house in Los Angeles and Cameron doesn't mind him staying with her. When he dated Jennifer Aniston he used to stay at hotels, but Cameron likes him a lot and always wants to be around him."

Cameron, 35, recently sparked speculation she is set to wed by sporting a diamond on her ring finger. The blonde beauty flashed the dazzling band as she left Los Angeles' exclusive Nobu restaurant.

Jennifer, 39, is also said to be getting serious with John, 30, and has introduced him to family and friends.


June 27, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Sparks Engagement Rumors"

Cameron Diaz has sparked speculation she is set to wed by sporting a diamond on her ring finger.

The 'What Happens in Vegas' actress - who is dating British model Paul Sculfor - flashed the dazzling ring as she left Los Angeles' exclusive Nobu restaurant.

An onlooker said: "She wasn't hiding the ring and quite proudly showed it off."

Earlier this week Cameron had been openly canoodling with new boyfriend Paul. The actress couldn't keep her hands off her new beau as they enjoyed a romantic meal in Hollywood before hitting the shops.

An onlooker said: "They kissed, held hands and walked with their arms around each other while shopping at the American Rag clothing store. They couldn't get enough of each other and didn't care who saw."

The couple were first romantically linked earlier this month and have since enjoyed several dates.


June 24, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Opens Up About Latest Love Interest"

Cameron Diaz has been openly canoodling with new boyfriend Paul Sculfor.

Cameron Diaz couldn't keep her hands off the British model as they enjoyed a romantic meal in Hollywood before hitting the shops.

An onlooker said: "They kissed, held hands and walked with their arms around each other while shopping at the American Rag clothing store. They couldn't get enough of each other and didn't care who saw."

The couple was first romantically linked earlier this month and have since enjoyed several dates.

The pair was recently spotted at the exclusive Chateau Marmont hotel and Cameron appeared to be smitten with Paul, Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend.

A source said: "Cameron and Paul were sitting on the patio, leaning in toward each other. Her body language looked like she was really comfortable with him. She looked genuinely like a girl falling in love."


June 12, 2008: "Cameron Diaz "Still Pining for Justin Timberlake""

Cameron Diaz is still carrying a torch for Justin Timberlake, reports claim.

Cameron Diaz is said to pining for her former flame.

The couple split in 2007 after dating for three years. Timberlake recently comforted Cameron Diaz at a memorial service for her dad Emilio, who died in April.

A source told OK!: "She has been calling him constantly for support after the passing of her father, and it must be driving [girlfriend] Jessica Biel nuts."

However, a recent report claimed that Cameron Diaz had looked "like a girl falling in love" while partying with her new man in LA.


June 11, 2008: "Things Heating Up Between Cameron Diaz And Paul Sculfor"

Cameron Diaz's romance with Paul Sculfor is getting serious, she enjoyed a second romantic date with Paul in Hollywood on Sunday.

The pair was spotted at the exclusive Chateau Marmont hotel and Cameron Diaz appeared to be smitten with Paul, Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend. A source said: "Cameron and Paul were sitting on the patio, leaning in toward each other. Her body language looked like she was really comfortable with him. She looked genuinely like a girl falling in love."

While Cameron Diaz has previously remained coy about her private life, onlookers say she was happy to flaunt her new romance. The source added: "She wasn't really hiding him."


June 2, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Dating Diddy?"

Cameron Diaz and P Diddy are reportedly seeing each other, according to latest reports.

Cameron Diaz has been spending a lot of time with P Diddy, with the two playing hide and seek games to avoid the media glare, according to New York Daily News.

In March, the pair had dinner together in LA, but apparently left separately through the restaurant�s kitchen.

They were also looking rather affection last month in SoHo's Sub-Mercer lounge, with witnesses alleging that the pair disappeared into a private room for about 20 minutes while a guard stood outside the door.

However, things really heated up on Friday at a party at Prince�s house, claims the publication. Despite a party filled with A-listers such as Sly Stallone, John Legend, Eddie Murphy and Babyface, Diaz and Diddy seemed only to have eyes for each other.

The pair both joked together and held hands. At one point, while P Diddy sipped a Grey Goose, Cameron Diaz told him he "must" try her bread pudding, which she proceeded to spoon-feed him. After some whispering, P Diddy nodded toward Prince's mansion.

Making a hasty exit, they both retreated to the basement, where they locked themselves in a theater. Sounds of giggling could be heard from inside, claims Rush & Mulloy.


April 25, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Not Receiving Medical Attention"

Reps for Cameron Diaz denied Internet reports that she was seeking medical treatment for stress, contradicting statements made by Ashton Kutcher, her co-star in "What Happens in Vegas."

"Those reports are absolutely untrue," a representative for the actress told the News. "She has taken time off to be with her family and plans to return to work next week."

A comment Kutcher made at a premiere was the main reason for rumors that spread quickly over the Web. "Sadly she will not be joining us for the premiere as she has just lost her father and is under medical attention with stress at the moment," Kutcher said the London opening of "What Happens in Vegas" Wednesday night. "She will be better soon."


April 20, 2008: "Cameron Diaz's dad dies"

Emilio Diaz passed away suddenly early Tuesday morning (15.04.08) after a bout of flu developed into pneumonia. He was 58 years old.

Sources close to the family described the sudden loss as "shocking", as Emilio was in "terrific health".

Cameron, 35, learned of her father's passing on the set of her forthcoming film 'My Sister's Keeper'. Production on the movie was shut down immediately.

Emilio, who lived in Seal Beach, California, was a second generation Cuban-American who worked as a foreman for an oil company.

Emilio was always a proud supporter of Cameron's career and he even had a bit part in his daughter's 1998 film 'There's Something About Mary'.


April 15, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Loves Her Toned Body"

Actress Cameron Diaz has credited her action role in Charlie's Angels with giving her a firmer stomach than the one she had in her early twenties.

The 35-year-old claims her body is in much better condition now than when she was younger because she keeps fit by taking on physically challenging movie roles.

Diaz insists the Charlie's Angels movies made her "physically strong" because of all the stunts she had to perform on set.

She says, "I enjoy my body a lot more now than I did in my twenties.

"It's stronger than it's ever been. As a kid I was athletic, but after Charlie's Angles I became physically strong. I didn't realise you could do that it was really great.

"I think once you give yourself that, it's hard to let it go."


April 7, 2008: "Cameron Diaz Dating Gerard Butler"

Cameron Diaz seems to have a new man on the scene and this time it is Scottish hunky actor, Gerard Butler.

The gorgeous pair has been spotted on various dates in LA, most recently at Teddy's Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel, where an onlooker claimed, "there was a lot of thigh and arm touching which got more progressive as the night went on".

Another rendezvous, a few days earlier, took them to The Chateau Marmont hotel for a romantic dinner.

Cam and Gerard were yet again spotted at Shutters Hotel last week. A source that saw them at the hotel said: "They walked up to the balcony area to look at the sunset. He had one arm round her waist and the other on the small of her back. She kept giggling and touching his chest to whisper in his ear. They obviously had a good night."

The 38-year-old 300 star may now be the lucky new fix for Cam, 35, who recently said in an interview she was "boy crazy".

The Charlie's Angel beauty has had a string of hot celebrity boyfriends in the past such as Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon and John Mayer.


March 31, 2008: "Satisfied Single Cameron Diaz"

Cameron Diaz is happy to be single.

The screen beauty - who hasn't been involved in a serious relationship since splitting from pop heartthrob Justin Timberlake last year - is enjoying being on her own and is in no rush to find a new man.

She said: "It's been nice not having a boyfriend for the past year. In fact, it's the first time I haven't had one in ten years and I'm enjoying what I'm getting out of this moment.

"I could be in a relationship if I wanted to be but I haven't finished doing what I'm doing. But when I'm in a relationship I'm very loyal and committed. I give a lot."

Cameron - who dated Justin for almost four years - insists she gets lots of romantic offers but believes some men are intimidated by her because she is a "lot of woman".

The 35-year-old actress added in an interview with GQ magazine: "I do get asked out. It's fun. But I'm a lot of woman - in a lot of ways. And I understand that can be intimidating."

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Birth name: Cameron Michelle Diaz.
Born: August 30, 1972 San Diego, California, USA.
Height: 5 ft 8.5IN (1.74 m).

Cameron Diaz biography (bio):
Cameron Michelle Diaz is an American actress and former fashion model. She is perhaps best known for her roles in blockbuster movies such as The Mask, There's Something About Mary, My Best Friend's Wedding, Charlie's Angels, Shrek, and Gangs of New York. Diaz was the second of four actresses (the others being Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, and Reese Witherspoon) to join the coveted "$20 Million Club" after receiving this salary for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.
Diaz was born in San Diego, California to Emilio Diaz who worked as a foreman for an oil company, and Billie (n�e Early), an import-export agent. Diaz's father is a second-generation Cuban-American and her mother has Native American, English and German ancestry. Diaz attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School at the same time as rapper Snoop Dogg. During her school days, she was called Skeletor by her classmates because she was so thin.

At age seventeen, she began her career as a fashion model. Diaz signed with top modeling agency, Elite Model Management. After graduating from high school, she went to work in Japan and met video director Carlo de la Torre. On her return to America, she moved in with him. For the next few years, her modeling took her around the world, working for contracts with major companies. She modelled for designers such as Calvin Klein and Levi's. She also graced the cover of the July 1990 issue of Seventeen magazines.
At the age of 21, Diaz auditioned for the Jim Carrey film The Mask. Even though she had no previous acting experience, she was cast as the female lead. She signed up for acting lessons right after getting the part. Over the next three years, she won roles in low-budget, independent films, such as The Last Supper, Feeling Minnesota, and She's The One. She then regained mainstream success with her roles in My Best Friend's Wedding and There's Something About Mary. She won critical acclaim for her performance in Being John Malkovich, which earned her Best Supporting Actress nominations at the Golden Globes, the BAFTA Awards and the SAG Awards.
During the 1999-2000 period, Diaz starred in many films, such as Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her, A Life Less Ordinary, Any Given Sunday, and the hit adaptation of Charlie's Angels. In 2001, she won nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards and the AFI Awards for Vanilla Sky, and also voiced Princess Fiona in Shrek, for which she earned $10 million. In 2003, Diaz received another Golden Globe nomination for Martin Scorsese's epic Gangs of New York, and became the second actress (after Wedding costar Julia Roberts) to earn $20 million for a role, receiving the sum for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. After Full Throttle, Diaz only appeared in three films, Shrek 2, In Her Shoes and The Holiday . During 2004 and early 2005, Diaz explored some of the environmentally unique locations on the planet while discovering ways to help preserve them for the 10-episode MTV series Trippin' which featured numerous celebrities and friends of Diaz, such as Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Mark Hoppus, Eva Mendes and Justin Timberlake.
Future work for Diaz includes a role in Shrek the Third in 2007, where she co-stars with former boyfriend Justin Timberlake. She was set to team up again with The Mask co-star Jim Carrey in the film Fun with Dick and Jane, but she dropped out to star in In Her Shoes. She will also appear in Shrek 4. She will also star in The Box, a horror thriller which is due to start filming in November 2007.
July 7, 2007, Diaz participated at Live Earth in New York by introducing The Police.

Diaz dated actor Matt Dillon from 1995 to 1998. She is also the ex-fianc�e of actor, musician, and guitarist Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars. They had a low-profile relationship from 1998 to 2002. There had been reports that Leto had broken up with Diaz because of he was jealous of her increasing acting popularity. Other reports have said that they broke up because Diaz was concentrating more on her acting as Leto was more concerned about his band.
Most recently, Diaz dated former *NSYNC member Justin Timberlake, whom she met at the Kids' Choice Awards in 2003. After nearly four years together, the pair issued a joint statement on January 11, 2007, announcing they had broken up, following weeks of break-up rumors.
In October 2004, Diaz and Timberlake were in an altercation with a tabloid photographer outside a hotel. When the photographer and another man tried to photograph them, the couple snatched the camera. Pictures of the incident appeared in US Weekly. Representatives for the pair claimed that they were "ambushed" and acting out of self-defense.
Diaz and Timberlake were involved in another paparazzi incident while walking out of a friend's house. The paparazzi jumped out of bushes and photographed them. He then entered his car and allegedly drove it towards Diaz, who had to jump out of the way. Diaz pressed charges against the paparazzi, whose agency supported his actions as legal and safe.

Personal life:
Diaz has publicly admitted she is deeply germophobic and habitually rubs doorknobs so hard before opening doors to clean them that the original paint fades afterwards. Along with her floors, she says, she washes her hands "many times" each day and uses her elbows to push open doors. "I'm not scared of germs. Years later, Diaz perhaps modified her fears somewhat when she said "I think I've made my peace with it."
Diaz received "substantial" libel damages from suing American Media Incoporated, after The National Enquirer had claimed she was cheating on then-boyfriend Timberlake.
Diaz supports the West London football club Brentford FC after visiting a Hollywood cafe owned by a Brentford supporter, former Brentford Chairman Dan Tana.
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