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Born: November 18 Japan.

Tsukiko Amano biography (bio):
Tsukiko Amano is a Japanese singer, mostly famous for singing Chou (Butterfly) in the ending song of Fatal Frame II. She also did the theme song for Fatal Frame III, Koe (Voice).

Amano has been playing music ever since she was 5 when she started taking piano lessons. She was part of her junior high chorus club (as a soprano), and in high school she began to experiment with various musical instruments and joined the theatre group. It was also in high school where she bought her very first guitar which is what she now primarily plays.

As Amano grew in her musical experience, she began to play in clubs, bars and on the street having gigs almost every day. She even joined a band for a little while, however this venture eventually failed, and the band broke up. Her major break came when she sent a demo tape to a close friend...who somehow managed to get the tape into the hands of one of Otokura Record's producers.

Although she is considered more of an underground artist when it comes to Japanese music, she has been slowly been finding herself in the spotlight, especially in 2001 with her smash hit 'Bodaiju'. Many of Amano's songs have also been used as theme songs for commercials, television shows, movies, and videogames. Tsukiko Amano is primarily a solo alternative artist, but has been known to team up with other artists on the Otokora label.

Besides writing all of her own songs, Amano also designs and makes most of the unique costumes in her videos (and for her performances) herself. She also loves to draw and has a unique artistic style. Not only does she publish a comic on Otokura.com's website, she's published a storybook she wrote while recording her Ningyou video. A variety of her artwork can also be seen on singles, albums, and posters promoting her stage performances.
Tsukiko Amano : amanotsukiko-moon
Tsukiko Amano : amanotsukiko-moon
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