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I Am Ghost is an American rock band from Long Beach, California, formed in late 2004. They are signed to Epitaph Records.
I Am Ghost recorded a 6 track demo themselves a few months after forming in 2004 for the sole purpose of booking shows locally and gave away copies free of charge. Even before the band had played a single show, I Am Ghost had given away thousands of copies of their demo We Are Always Searching. When I Am Ghost signed to Epitaph Records after only their fourth show, they added 3 new tracks, artwork and, on October 25, 2005, re-released it as an EP.
The bands first full length album Lovers' Requiem was released on October 10, 2006. Lead vocalist Steven Juliano explains, "Its essentially a rock opera, but for hardcore or goth kids."
I Am Ghost has also had several media mentions in magazines, including a Metal Hammer Interview. They also have been interviewed for several websites, and had their EP reviewed in several UK music magazines. Not only have they had their EP reviewed in Metal Hammer, they've also been included in the publications' Dead Hot 50 Band's of 2006 List.
In 2007, I Am Ghost toured with Biffy Clyro, TheAUDITION and The Bronx on the Kerrang! Tour 2007, the Epitaph Tour 2007 with Escape the Fate, The Matches, and The Higher, and played on Warped Tour 2007. They have also toured with Drop Dead Gorgeous, Still Remains, and 1997.
Kerith Telestai released an official statement on June 30, 2007 stating that she would be unable to continue touring and would be leaving the band due to health reasons. I Am Ghost is not currently looking for a replacement. A few days after Kerith left the band, her husband, Brian Telestai, announced that he too would be leaving the band after their tour with Aiden. He posted a controversial bulletin on MySpace regarding his departure from the band, and the band has recently found a replacement.
According to Juliano, there was a conflict between him and the Telestai's between the direction of the band, which was actually the reason for both Kerith's and Brian's departure: he claimed they were such devoted Christians, to where they were telling people in interviews that we were a Christian rock band. Meanwhile he claimed the band was not going to be a Christian band. Juliano went on to say that Telestai would edit song lyrics, and insist the band never swear. At one point she cried in a tour van for a half-hour after Juliano used the word "fuck" on stage.

-Steven Juliano.
-Gabriel Iraheta.
-Timoteo Rosales III.
-Ron Ficarro.
-Ryan Seaman.
I Am Ghost : I-Am-Ghost-ep02
I Am Ghost : I-Am-Ghost-ep02
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I Am Ghost : p60028yt4mq
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I Am Ghost : I-Am-Ghost-ep01
I Am Ghost : I-Am-Ghost-ep01
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