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Born: January 5, 1961

Iris DeMent biography (bio):
Iris DeMent is an American singer and songwriter. DeMent's musical style encompasses the genres country music and folk music.

Early life:
DeMent was the youngest child of Pat DeMent and his second wife, Flora Mae. (As the baby of the family, she was Pat DeMent's fourteenth child, and Flora Mae's eighth.)

She was born near the town of Paragould, Arkansas but grew up in Long Beach, California, where she was exposed to and influenced by country and gospel music.

DeMent writes "storyteller" songs about everyday experiences in simple language.
* Her first album, Infamous Angel, was released in 1992 and explored themes like religious skepticism, living in a small town, "where nothing good ever lasts", and forgiving human frailty.
* In her second album, My Life, released in 1994, she continues the personal and introspective approach. My Life was nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Contemporary Folk Album" category.
* DeMent's third album, The Way I Should, was released in 1996. It is DeMent's most political work, and covers topics like sexual abuse, religion, government policy, and Vietnam.
* Her most recent album, Lifeline, was released in 2004.

DeMent has sung duets with John Prine, Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris and is featured on the albums of many other performers. She has also made frequent appearances on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, and also appeared in the movie Songcatcher, playing the character Rose Gentry and singing on the soundtrack as well.
She gained some notice and some fans when her song "Our Town" was played in the closing moments of the last episode for the popular CBS TV series Northern Exposure. (The song has also been recorded by Kate Rusby.)

Personal life:
DeMent married Elmer McCall in 1991, but the marriage subsequently ended in divorce. She married singer-songwriter Greg Brown on November 21, 2002.
Iris DeMent : p03719qv5ua
Iris DeMent : p03719qv5ua
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Iris DeMent : p19173lg80f
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Iris DeMent : p21241y8u99
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Iris DeMent : p06912i4x9v
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