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The Juliana Theory was an alternative rock, indie and emo quintet from Greensburg and Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
The Juliana Theory formed in 1997 by Joshua Fiedler and Neil Hebrank (formerly of the band Noisome) along with Chad Monticue (former singer for Pensive), Jeremiah Momper, and Brett Detar (who also split his time as a guitarist for Zao and Pensive at the time). Joshua Kosker, originally of Dawson High, replaced Momper after the band's first record "Understand This is a Dream" was released. The band then recorded their second full-length album Emotion is Dead and the EP Music From Another Room. Drummer Neil Hebrank was replaced by Josh "Chip" Walters before the recording of Love, the band's third-full length album.
The band then parted ways with Epic Records and signed a deal with Rykodisc. In a MySpace blog written by Detar, he explains that after a change in management and direction of the label, " the last second we wormed our way out of the deal and headed into the studio with our own funds and with the help of Josh Karchmer, our manager." The band subsequently began their own label affiliated with Abacus Recordings called Paper Fist (in reference to The Juliana Theory song, "To the Tune of 5000 Screaming Children").
On February 9, 2006, The Juliana Theory announced it had broken up as a band, citing problems with their record label, among other reasons.

-Brett Detar.
-Chad Alan (Chad Monticue).
-Joshua Fiedler.
-Joshua Kosker.
-Josh "Chip" Walters.
-Neil Hebrank.
-Jeremiah Momper.
Juliana Theory : p2328412u80
Juliana Theory : p2328412u80
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Juliana Theory : p40747ch3u3
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