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August 19, 2008: "Ryan Seacrest Claims Simon Cowell Is Jealous Of His Success"

"American Idol" presenter Ryan Seacrest claims Simon Cowell is jealous of his success.

Ryan believes the music mogul is unhappy with his ever-expanding career.

Ryan quipped: "If anything in my life is positive in terms of business, Simon actually feels a pain in his stomach or his side. If we're in a restaurant Simon will get up and walk outside. He doesn't want to hear it. He does not want to be around if a good phone call comes in."

Ryan is also adamant he isn't bothered by Simon's gay jokes, adding: "I almost think it's strange that nothing bothers me, whatever the joke may be. I encourage it. Whatever it is - I'm short, I'm fat, I'm tanned. I encourage all of it, I don't mind at all."

Ryan is also keen to build his own media empire, like Simon has, and currently has lucrative contracts for presenting and TV production with E! Entertainment news television network, KIIS FM radio and "American Idol."

Ryan earns a staggering $12.5 million for presenting the talent search show - the most watched program on U.S. television.

The 33-year-old star admits he is a workaholic, a trait which has resulted in the end of several relationships.

Ryan told Seven magazine: "I don't mind hard work. You've got to work hard to generate something. I don't think there's any secret to success if you show up in the right place, at the right time and you put in a lot of time and effort and energy - you're going to get something out of it. It's not brain surgery."


July 29, 2008: "Ryan Seacrest Bit By Shark While Swimming In Ocean Over Weekend"

"American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest seems to have his hand in every aspect of the entertainment industry. Could he also be in partnership with "Shark Week?" Seacrest was on his KIIS-FM radio show Monday, talking about how he went for a dip in the ocean over the weekend when, he said, "I was bit by a shark!"

He said he was "about eight feet out" when he felt something swim by him.

"I thought it was a stick," he said. "I wasn't sure what had happened."

Then, he added, "I saw it swim! He took a bite, and he left."

Seacrest, 33, said the shark's tooth "wasn't a great thing to find. It was like finding a splinter!"

He said he was in pain and needed some Advil, but apparently that was all the medical attention needed.

According to US magazine, when asked if anyone else got bit, Seacrest lamented: "No, just me, of course! There were like 1,000 people in the ocean, and I get bit by the shark!"


May 14, 2008: "Ryan Seacrest Likes Lindsay Lohan's New Music"

Lindsay Lohan is going hip-hop on her next album and Ryan Seacrest is impressed.

"I've heard some of it, I like what I've heard so far," Seacrest said on Saturday.
"Lindsay is taking it very seriously," said Seacrest, 33. "She's working really hard. She's working with great producers."

The host added, "She's told me that she's going to come in and debut the entire record with me on my KIIS-FM [radio show]. We're going to play some of the songs, and go through the whole thing together."


May 1, 2008: "Ryan Seacrest Defends Paula Abdul"

Ryan Seacrest came to the defense of Paula Abdul Wednesday during American Idols live results show.
Addressing Tuesdays broadcast when Paula critiqued Jason Castros second song before he performed it, Ryan spoke up to put an end to gossip about his costar.

Last night the judges were thrown a curve ball on the air, which is just part of a live show, Ryan Seacrest said from the stage while a nervous-looking Paula watched from the judges panel. But it sparked a lot of gossip about Paula. And I read some of this online this morning and just for the record, the rumors theyre not true. Shes part of our family and we love her.
Paula looked touched as the audience clapped and both Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell gave her a kiss on the cheek, which prompted Ryan to joke, I think Simon still wants to hook up with her.


April 9, 2008: "Sophie Monk Hooks Up With Ryan Seacrest"

Video footage has emerged of Aussie blonde bombshell Sophie Monk and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest leaving an LA nightclub together.

Excited paparazzi swarmed the pair as they left LA hotspot Foxtail, a celebrity couple sighting which has sent internet gossip websites into a rumour frenzy.

Already being branded as Hollywoods Ken and Barbie, in the video the couple played down any intimacy.

This is the first time Monk has been spotted with a new man since splitting with fianc, Benji Madden.


April 7, 2008: "Ryan Seacrest Donates His Paycheck to Idol Gives Back"

Ryan Seacrest was in a charitable mood Sunday night: In addition to hosting FOXs Idol Gives Back special, the host also handed over his paycheck for the evening.
A source close to Seacrest tells PEOPLE that he wanted to show fans that he was serious about the cause.
When he and Simon went to Africa last year and saw the children, it was really life-altering for him, says the source. He just knew he had to do his part and be willing to put his money where his mouth is.
Idol Gives Back, which also features appearances from Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus, airs Wednesday on FOX.


March 12, 2008: "Ryan Seacrest might be dating"

If the rumors are true - Ryan Seacrest is dating a reality show superstar. An insider close to Ryans inner circle is confirming that the American Idol and E! host has been seeing Sunset Tan star Holly Olly Huddleston for a few months now.

Ryan has managed to keep the relationship hush-hush since the couple started dating, but Holly has been seen recently backstage at Idol tapings, adding fuel to the rumor mill. Ryan, 33, and Holly, 22, reportedly met through a mutual E! network connection.


Radio and television personality, and douche Ryan Seacrest picture(s)/pic(s), wallpaper and photo gallery.
Born: December 24, 1974 Dunwoody, Georgia, U.S.

Ryan Seacrest biography (bio):
Ryan Seacrest is an American radio and television personality, and douche. Seacrest is also a former children's game show host, who gained prominence as the host of the reality television amateur-search series American Idol. In 2004, he replaced Casey Kasem as the host of American Top 40, and he has co-hosted Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Dick Clark since 2005.

Early life:
Seacrest was born in Dunwoody, Georgia, to homemaker Constance Marie Zullinger and attorney Gary Lee Seacrest. He has a younger sister, Meredith. At a young age, he knew he wanted to be a DJ, and idolized radio personalities like Casey Kasem and Dick Clark. At the age of twelve, he made business cards for work, and handed them out when he met people. Ryan also hosted the morning announcements at his high school, Dunwoody High School, from which he graduated in 1993. During High School Seacrest was a journalist on the school paper, a member of the model UN club and captain of the Dunwoody High School Swim Team (The Aquanots). Also his middle name is Matilda.

Seacrest began his career in 1990 at age 15 with Atlanta radio station WSTR/Star 94 FM while still in high school by interning with nighttime personality Tom Sullivan. Sullivan trained Seacrest in all aspects of broadcasting and put him on the air for the first radio broadcast of his career.
After completing high school, Seacrest went on to attend the University of Georgia. He majored in journalism. During his freshman year of college, Seacrest was offered his first television hosting job as the host of an ESPN program in which athletes competed against one another for cash prizes. He left the University of Georgia without graduating.
In 1995, Seacrest became the afternoon drive DJ at "Star 98.7" (KYSR-FM), an adult contemporary radio station in Los Angeles, California. Despite all of his other projects, he remained committed to that DJ role until 2003. Also during his early twenties, Seacrest hosted a few short-lived game shows. His first TV gig was Gladiators 2000 for syndication and Wild Animal Games for Fox Family (now ABC Family). In 1997, Seacrest hosted the weekly syndicated internet game show, Click, which lasted only two seasons. Also from time to time he became a substitute host for E! Talk Soup.

Seacrest appeared as the host of the fictional game show "Lover's Lane" on "Beverly Hills 90210" in The Final Proof.
Seacrest's first major television job was as the host of The New Edge, a weekend morning show created by CNET showcasing new technology. Seacrest's career took a turn in the right direction[citation needed] when he accepted the position as co-host of the hit reality TV series American Idol in 2002 with comedian Brian Dunkleman.
American Idol went on to become a success when the ratings went through the roof. This put Seacrest in the national spotlight. The following year, he became the sole host when Dunkleman left the show. (In a 2005 interview on the syndicated Howard Stern Show, Dunkleman insisted that it was his idea to leave Idol, to pursue his career as an actor, but he was bitter at Seacrest's occasional put-downs after Dunkleman's departure.) In 2003, Seacrest hosted the spin-off show, American Juniors.
In January 2004, Seacrest launched a daily entertainment/variety/talk syndicated television program, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Due to low ratings, the show was cancelled and aired its last episode on September 17, 2004. In January of 2004, Seacrest became the new host of the legendary radio program American Top 40, created and formerly hosted by Casey Kasem. The show was syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. Before he took over as host on AT40, he was a substitute host four times in 2003. In February 2004, Seacrest became host of popular Los Angeles radio station KIIS's morning show, replacing long-time host Rick Dees. This show, also known as On Air With Ryan Seacrest, remains on the air.
In January 2005, Seacrest hosted the "Celebration of Freedom" concert in Washington, DC for President George W. Bush, the Bush family and the United States Military.
In late April 2005, Seacrest received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the age of 30, citing his contributions as a radio personality, and not for his television work. In August 2005, it was announced that Seacrest would become executive producer and co-host of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, and that he would be the legendary producer-host's eventual successor. On December 31, 2005 Seacrest performed much of the show's hosting duties. Dick Clark's role was limited by speech and mobility issues due to his recovery from a stroke. It was also announced that Seacrest will be co-hosting a revamped version of American Bandstand, alongside game show host John O'Hurley, a job that Clark has hosted for 37 years. Seacrest also occasionally serves as a substitute host on the CNN television program Larry King Live.
In January 2006, U.S. cable channel E! announced a three-year, $21 million deal for Seacrest to host and produce various programs, including E! News and its red carpet awards show coverages (E!'s signature piece of original programming). An Associated Press profile portrayed Seacrest as using both the deal with E! and the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve involvement as a springboard towards a long-lasting career in television production and ownership. In April 2006, he won a Daytime Emmy Award for co-hosting the 2005 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade with Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa.
Seacrest hosted the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 16, 2007.
Ryan Seacrest has been signed up to host a new celebrity show on Capital 95.8 and GCap Media's One Network in the UK. His new two-hour show, The Entertainment Edge, will premiere on London station Capital 95.8 at 11am on September 15 then It will be repeated the next day at 10am on the One Network, which comprises 42 regional radio stations in the UK with a total of 7 million listeners. The weekly show will comprise music and celebrity interviews and news updates and it has been put together by GCap Media and Premiere Radio Networks, which air Seacrest's US shows and will produce the programme.

Personal life:
Seacrest reportedly earns $14 million a year, according to Forbes.
Seacrest dated actress Shana Wall from 2003 through 2005. They have since been spotted together on various occasions.
Seacrest has been also spotted with playmate Lauren Michelle Hill.
In March 2006, he was photographed kissing actress Teri Hatcher, who later told Access Hollywood that she was "not attached." Seacrest also stated on the May 2, 2006 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he, "went out with Teri Hatcher a couple times, but that was it." Due to his longtime-bachelor status, rumors have persisted that Seacrest may be gay, due partly to the sometimes flirtatious banter between Seacrest and American Idol judge Simon Cowell. To date, Seacrest has steadfastly denied ever having a gay relationship, while he does acknowledge having gay fans, and "having no problem with that."
In a 2003 interview, Seacrest answered gay rumors in an interview with the weekly entertainment magazine Steppin' Out, "I'm trying to think of the best way to describe the feeling I get when I hear that particular rumor. I am a certain way. I am relatively clean cut and I do like to shop for clothes. If I had to break it down stereotypically, that would be a gay male habit. Well for me it's not. It's a straight male habit." Stuff magazine called him "the American poster boy for metrosexuality." While denying the gay rumors, he does not shy away from activities that might further fan the rumors' flames. In 2005, Seacrest sat as "Queen" of the annual Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood, California, a city known for its large gay male population.
Seacrest's height appears to be a constant source of humor for the media including E! News's E! channel sister show The Soup. One clip showed The Soup host Joel McHale and Seacrest together at the 2006 Emmy Awards, Seacrest visibly stepping on a platform to get on equal footing with McHale. "Here's the scary part," McHale commented, "I'm five foot-three." (in reality, McHale is 6' 3"). His reported height varies between 5' 1" to 5' 9". Seacrest officially claims the latter. His co-host on E! News, Giuliana Rancic, is known for wearing flat shoes on the show when they are together.
Ryan Seacrest : Ryan Seacrest-ALO-001084
Ryan Seacrest : Ryan Seacrest-ALO-001084
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Ryan Seacrest pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
Ryan Seacrest  pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
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Ryan Seacrest pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
Ryan Seacrest  pictures at 2007 American Music Awards
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