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The Agony Scene is a Metalcore band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, whose musical style is a combination of thrash metal and hardcore.
Sometimes The Agony Scene's vocalist screaming is compared to the screaming by Lamb of God vocalist, Randy Blythe. The band has released two albums, one on Solid State Records and the other on Roadrunner Records, and is planning on a third release entitled Get Damned, scheduled for release October 23, 2007 on Century Media Records.
Since Solid State records is generally considered to be a Christian music label, some people have assumed The Agony Scene to be a Christian band. So the band since moved to a new record label and got a new drummer.The band has since confirmed in an interview with HM magazine that since parting ways with the label, they are not a Christian band and are the farthest thing away from that type of band. On why a band would want to be part of the Christian music scene, the band had this to say: "Why would you? I have no idea! I would never want to be part of the Christian music scene at all. I dont want to have anything to do with it, honestly. It just absolutely disgusts me. Thats totally cool. Believe whatever you want."
In late 2006 the band parted ways with drummer Brent Masters, and invited the newest member Ryan Folden a Spokane, WA based drummer to join the band.

Band Members:
* Michael Williams - Vocals
* Chris Emmons - Guitar
* Brian Hodges - Guitar
* Chris Rye - Bass
* Ryan Folden - Drums
The Agony Scene : Agony-Scene-s01
The Agony Scene : Agony-Scene-s01
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The Agony Scene : Agony-Scene-s02
The Agony Scene : Agony-Scene-s02
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