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The Arrogant Worms are a Canadian musical comedy trio that parodies many musical genres. They are well known for their humorous on-stage banter in addition to their music.
The Worms came together in 1991 to do a few spots on campus radio station CFRC in Kingston, Ontario, and quickly moved to doing spots on CBC Radio One. Since 1992 the troup has released 11 CDs on their own label. Their most recent album, Beige, was released in early 2006. The Worms toured Canada with the album starting in January 2006 and are currently (2007) touring. The Worms have spread their wings further with the Beige tour, visiting several locations in the UK in summer 2006.
Each album consists mostly of independent tracks paying homage, always humorously, to different genres and topics. Three exceptions are the 1997 Christmas Turkey CD, dedicated to songs about Christmas, and the 1997 Live Bait and 2003 Semi-Conducted CDs, which are live albums, comprising collections of their best songs. Semi-Conducted is performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.
Rock, folk, ballads, country, Celtic folk, and children's music all have come under the Worm's satirical guns.
When not spoofing a particular style of music, the Worms' material pokes fun at various aspects of daily life in Canada with songs like "Canada's Really Big", "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Me Like Hockey", "We are the Beaver" and "Proud to Be Canadian".
The Worms are based in Kingston, Ontario.

-Trevor Strong.
-Mike McCormick.
-Chris Patterson.
The Arrogant Worms : Arrogant-Worms-lt02
The Arrogant Worms : Arrogant-Worms-lt02
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The Arrogant Worms : Arrogant-Worms-lt01
The Arrogant Worms : Arrogant-Worms-lt01
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