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Birth name: D'Juan Hart.
Born: January 15, 1979 Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Young Dro is an American rapper. Born in the Atlanta,Georgia Court housing project. Young Dro grew up the second oldest of his mother's five boys and somewhere amongst the middle seven of his father's 21 children. Due to poverty, Dro had to live in a variety of housing complexes.
At the age of 18, Young Dro was shot in the stomach and the back and required almost a year to recover. Young Dro spent his late teens and early 20s in and out of prison. Young Dro began rapping in the 9th grade.

By the end of 2002, Young Dro's independent single Yes Sir and regional hit album "I Got That Dro" became fairly successful.
On the 27th July 2006, Young Dro reached the #1 spot on both the Billboard Urban Monitor chart as well as the R&B Urban Mainstream chart.

Prior Young Dro's "Best Thang Smokin'", he had worked with DJ Burn One of Atlanta, Georgia to produce the mixtape Future Legends Vol. 2, "I've Still Got That Dro", which was released in February of 2006. The album contained "over 18 exclusive new songs and freestyles, along with a collection of songs that could previously only be found on official Grand Hustle mixtapes, as well as a few tracks off his extremely rare first album "I Got That Dro".

Young Dro Albums
- 2001: I Got That Dro
- 2006: Best Thang Smokin'
- 2008: Young And Restless
Young Dro : Young-Dro-ar01
Young Dro : Young-Dro-ar01
By User: shiftingjoe
22 Votes, 3.96/5
Young Dro : Young-Dro-ar02
Young Dro : Young-Dro-ar02
By User: singlebraincelled
9 Votes, 3.22/5
Young Dro : Young-Dro-ar03
Young Dro : Young-Dro-ar03
By User: singlebraincelled
24 Votes, 3.72/5
Young Dro Best thang smokin album cover
Young Dro Best thang smokin album cover
By User: vkspice
19 Votes, 3.98/5
Young Dro Shoulder Lean single cover
Young Dro Shoulder Lean single cover
By User: vkspice
17 Votes, 4.24/5

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