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Tea Leaf Green is a quartet rock band from San Francisco, CA. They focus both on the piano and the guitar as the driving force in their music. Tea Leaf Green is Josh Clark (guitar/vocals), Ben Chambers (bass/vocals), Scott Rager (drums), and Trevor Garrod (keyboards/vocals).
The band made heavy touring a staple of their group. The band has released four studio albums, Tea Leaf Green, Midnight On the Reservoir, Living In Between and Taught to Be Proud as well as a number of live albums all while continuing to tour across the country. In the Fall of 2005, the band caught the eye of improvisation heavyweight Trey Anastasio of Phish fame and were asked to support his tour. On one of those dates (November 12, 2005 at Lewiston, ME), the former Phish bandleader came out to play with them during their set. Later that same year, the band also supported of the popular blues rock outfit Gov't Mule.
"Taught To Be Proud" won Song of the Year at the 6th Annual Jammy Awards in 2006.

Tea Leaf Green Discography (albums):
Studio Albums:
* Tea Leaf Green (self-titled) - 1999.
* Midnight On the Reservoir - 2001.
* Living In Between - 2003.
* Taught To Be Proud - 2005.
Live albums:
* 5/3/02 - Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA.
* 6/6/03 - Slim's, San Francisco, CA.
* 8/23/03 - Project THERE, San Francisco, CA (double album).
* 3/6/04 - The Independent, San Francisco CA.
* 10/31/06 - Rock 'n' Roll Band, Boulder, CO.
* Green Dream (2004).
* Rock 'n' Roll Band (2006).

-Scott Rager.
-Josh Clark.
-Trevor Garrod.
-Ben Chambers.
Tea Leaf Green : Tea-Leaf-Green-band-01
Tea Leaf Green : Tea-Leaf-Green-band-01
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Tea Leaf Green : Tea-Leaf-Green-band-03
Tea Leaf Green : Tea-Leaf-Green-band-03
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Tea Leaf Green taught to be proud album cover
Tea Leaf Green taught to be proud album cover
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