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Birth name: Winston Foster.
Born: 1959, Negril, Jamaica.

Yellowman is a Jamaican reggae (raggamuffin) and dancehall deejay. He was popular in Jamaica in the 1980s, coming to prominence with a series of singles that established his reputation.
Yellowman's sexually explicit lyrics boasting of his sexual prowess, like those of other reggae singers/deejays, earned Yellowman criticism in the mid-1980s. By the mid-1990s however, Yellowman released socially conscious material, rising to international fame along with singers such as Buju Banton. Yellowman became popular despite being an albino, who typically are social outcasts in Jamaica. During the early 1980s, Yellowman had over 40 singles and sometimes produced five albums in one year.
In the early 1990s, Yellowman struggled with skin cancer. He re-invented himself with his 1994 album Prayer, and since the mid-1990s he has devoted his time to spiritual and other social concerns. His latest records were New York in 2003 and Round 1 in 2005. Yellowman also was a guest singer in the Run-DMC track "Roots Rap Reggae", where he did most of the singing. Another similar albino Jamaican artist who followed Yellowman's musical style is the young deejay Al Beeno, also known as 'Prince Yellow'.

Yellowman Popular albums
- Mister Yellowman (1982)
- Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (1983)
- Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (1984)
- King Yellowman (1984)
- Galong Galong Galong (1985)
- Yellow Like Cheese (1987)
- Yellowman Rides Again (1988)
- A Feast of Yellow Dub (1990)
- Party (1991)
- Reggae on the Move (1992)
- Prayer (1994)
- Message to the World (1995)
- Divorced (For Your Eyes Only) (1983)
- Freedom of Speech (1997)
- RAS Portraits - Yellowman (1997)
- A Very, Very, Yellow Christmas (1998)
- Yellow Fever (1999)
- Look How Me Sexy(reggae Anthology) (2000)
- New York (2003)
- Just Cool (2004)
- Round 1 (2005)
- Most Wanted (2007)
Yellowman : p18178m399m
Yellowman : p18178m399m
By User: androidplacebo
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Yellowman : p18177sq14y
Yellowman : p18177sq14y
By User: androidplacebo
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Yellowman Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt album cover
Yellowman Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt album cover
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