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Formed: 2003 in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

White Magic's original lineup was comprised of Mira Billotte on vocals and piano, drummer/bassist Miggy Littleton, and guitarist/drummer Andy Mcleod. Billotte played drums and sang in Quix*o*tic with her sister Christina; Littleton played in Ida; and McLeod also played in California Speedway. For a couple of years, White Magic played in New York while appearing in a United Bamboo compilation. In May 18, 2004 they released Through the Sun Door EP to overall critical acclaim. White Magic also appeared on a free CD split with indie rock band The American Analog Set, sponsored by Tylenol in 2005.
Throughout the year 2005, Billotte performed as White Magic accompanied by guitarist Sleepy Doug Shaw. White Magic's current lineup features both musicians at core aided by an array of friends/musicians bearing similar musical aesthetics.
In November 14, 2006, their first album Dat Rosa Mel Apibus was released through Drag City.
White Magic's new EP, Dark Stars, was released on Drag City on October 26, 2007.

-Miggy Littleton.
-Andy MacLeod.
-Mira Billotte.

White Magic (band) Discography (albums):
- Through The Sun Door EP (2004).
- Songs of Hurt and Healing split EP with American Analog Set (2005).
- "Long Time Ago" on the Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys compilation (2006).
- Katie Cruel Single (2006).
- Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (2006).
- Dark Stars EP (2007).
White Magic : p57249hn494
White Magic : p57249hn494
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White Magic : White-Magic-ga01
White Magic : White-Magic-ga01
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